Letters to the Editor

Democrats in danger of alienating ‘deplorables’ who supports President Trump


I am one of the tens of millions of “deplorables” who supported Donald Trump’s candidacy for president and who continue to support him as president. Whenever I need a good laugh, I review the online videos of all the celebrities mocking Trump before the election, saying there was no way he could win; then I turn to the election night videos showing all the cable news celebrities in shock and crying over Trump’s victory. When Barack Obama was elected president, I did not agree with his stance on most of the issues, but I did not curse him, call for his impeachment or otherwise disrespect him.

For the past two years, the Democrats have had as their only goal the removal of President Trump from office. They cannot get over the fact that Hillary lost. If the Democrats do not back off from their obstructionist tactics, they will further alienate the American people, and the “deplorables” will go to the polls in even greater numbers in 2020. We “deplorables” love our country and are proud to have a president who loves our country as we do and does not apologize for our country being the envy of the world.

D. Herbert Brazell

West Columbia

Presidential Medal of Freedom has been dishonored

The latest sound of someone whirring in his grave is our late president John F. Kennedy, who founded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Previous recipients include Gen. Colin Powell, Philip Randolph, the crew of Apollo 13, Mother Teresa, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Alan Greenspan and Joe Biden. Each person has meritoriously contributed to our national interest, world peace and cultural endeavors.

Now the current president awarded this honor to Miriam Adelson because she and her husband donated $500,000 to help cover legal expenses for Trump’s aides in the ongoing investigation of his administration. Some things such as honor and integrity cannot be bought, but now the Presidential Medal of Freedom can be. The shaming of America by this administration continues.

Elizabeth Jones


Richland County once again fleecing taxpayers

As this is awards season, I would like to nominate the Richland County Council for the “Fleecing the Taxpayers Award of the Year.” They are relentless in finding irresponsible and illegal ways to waste millions in taxpayer money (“Richland County to repay millions in misspent penny tax funds,” Feb. 6, 2019).

How comforting to learn they are going to “repay” millions in misspent penny tax funds by socking it to the property owners. First we get to pay the penny tax on our purchases; then we get to pay it again when they transfer $1 million from the general fund (i.e., property taxes) to replenish part of the $3.4 million they misspent on non-transportation projects. This is galling fleecing of taxpayers.

Yet this is only their latest ripoff of the public. Last year, they terminated their administer, Gerald Seal, for poor performance but gave him a $1 million severance package. For shame! And that was after they bought into his ill-advised grandiose plan for a “Renaissance” by buying vacant stores at the Columbia Place Mall for $8 million. Mind-boggling! By my math, this makes at least $12.4 million of our tax money that they have cavalierly misspent in the past year alone.

Never again will I vote for any penny tax or bond proposed by Richland County Council! They cannot be trusted to be prudent stewards of the citizens' money.

Michael Sullivan


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