Letters to the Editor

Sen. Graham’s undying support of President Trump makes South Carolina look bad


I urge Sen. Graham to reconsider his support of Trump. The president’s behavior is unbecoming of a world leader and his priorities are misplaced.

We need programs in place to reduce recidivism and encourage education; we need to worry about feeding Americans and getting clean water in Flint before we worry about a wall that is not needed between the U.S. border and Mexico.

Trump speaks against the anchor children and illegal immigration when his family has done those same things, but that’s okay because they’re white and European and not brown and Central and South American.

Sen. Graham’s support of Trump’s actions makes it appear that South Carolinians support bigotry and racism, and that is not what South Carolina is about we are an inclusive and loving state.

Beth Brawley


‘National emergency’ should be used with caution

Sen. Graham gave a speech Monday, and was on Fox News suggesting he would be in support of President Trump declaring a national emergency to get funding for his wall.

I want to ask upon readers to call on Sen. Graham to reconsider this support, both publicly and privately. Today’s wall is tomorrow’s Second Amendment, and the day after that, possibly the number of judges on the Supreme Court, with a democratically-held Oval Office.

If use of the word “emergency” is politicized in an attempt to gain something that you cannot otherwise obtain by negotiation, then it is another broken brick in the crumbling foundation to our republic.

Charles Ashley

Goose Creek

A new name for the wall shift Trump’s interest in it

The president lost his bid to get Congress to build the wall that he said Mexico would pay for.

During this latest government shutdown, the president said he does not care what they call his wall. He said they can call it “Peaches.”

This gives me an idea about how to avoid future fights over walls, etc., between Trump and the people’s congressional representatives.

I propose to make lemonade out of lemons, and put this expensive chapter in U.S. history into its proper place.

My proposal could help to insure Trump does not frivolously spend too much of the taxpayer’s hard earned money on useless things like fencing and other monuments to himself.

To accomplish this, I propose Democrats vote for a scaled down fence to appease Trump now, with the caveat that this, or any additional fences, walls, monuments, etc., built at the border by the U.S. in the future all be named after America’s proven “strong woman,” Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

With Pelosi’s name on the fence, wall, structure, etc., I expect Trump will soon lose interest in his demanding expensive playthings and the nation can get back to work.

It’s worth a try.

Marie Vevik


Democratic charlatans holding up Mexican border wall

How much longer will our country be subjected to the arrogance, hypocrisy, demagogy and pomposity of the Democrats in Congress? I am thoroughly disgusted with Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the rest these Democratic charlatans who are holding the best interests of this country hostage to the advancement of their radical-socialist agenda.

Many of them formerly claimed to favor building a wall, or some other formidable barrier along our Mexican border. However, now that we have a President Trump, they are so hell-bent on destroying his presidency that they will gleefully put the safety and security of this country on the chopping block.

I hope their intransigence will cost them dearly in many future elections. They aren’t worthy to be serving in Congress.

Motte Yarbrough