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Gun violence could be curbed with help from gun-sport enthusiasts

Guns on display at a gun store
Guns on display at a gun store AP file photo

I’ve been ruminating on the epidemic of gun violence since the soul-crushing massacre of 20 first-graders in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. I’m not looking to take away everyone’s guns, just for common-sense compromises. I’ve attended meetings, lit candles, written letters, visited lawmakers — all to no avail. Our national and S.C. legislatures have been as impervious as a Kevlar vest.

Obviously, more guns are not the answer. Most of us don’t want to carry guns. And statistics indicate more isn’t safer.

I’ve talked with gun-sport enthusiasts and become weary of circular discussions on what constitutes an assault weapon or how large a clip should be. These details were pinned down in the expired Assault Weapons Ban of 1994; they can be again.

Here’s what I propose: For target-practice enthusiasts, any legal firearm and ammo be made available for rental/on-site use at commercial shooting ranges. If you own your own AK-47, etc., it would be kept secure for you at the shooting range. And hunters need just enough firepower to kill a deer, IMO.

Here’s another thought: The NRA has become too big to rein in. I believe the best way to fight the NRA gun lobby is through competition. We need another organization that performs useful functions like gun-safety training, but is nonprofit and not beholden to the gun industry. I challenge gun-sport enthusiasts who are genuinely concerned about gun violence to come to the table to form a new organization.

Yvonne Crisp


Graham, Scott should represent SC’s interest, not Trump’s

Now is the time for all good legislators to come to the aid of their country.

One dozen Republican senators joined all Democrat senators in voting to reject Trump’s emergency declaration in his attempt to get funding for a border wall. We the people thank these senators for rebuking a president who is blatantly abusing his emergency powers.

Why were South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Tim Scott absent from this group? Why do these two always vote to favor their own personal political careers by blindly siding with a president who is out of control? They are so occupied with admiring the emperor’s new clothes that they are neglecting their duties to represent the best interests of their constituents in South Carolina.

Now is the time for all good legislators to come to the aid of their country. Sen. Graham and Sen. Scott must do likewise.

Elizabeth Jones


GOP senators sold out by supporting Trump’s national emergency

Republican senators have sold away their responsibility to defend the Constitution to Donald Trump for the price of an increased chance at re-election and the promise of more power. Every senator who voted not to negate Trump’s emergency knew Trump was setting a new precedent for the executive branch of government by overriding the job Congress had done and is suppose to do.

There are many adjectives one could use to describe this sellout, but as usual, Trump lied directly in the face of truth and called these senators “courageous.”

I think not.

Peter Swanson


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