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SC law agencies did right things in search for USC student Samantha Josephson

Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old University of South Carolina student, was found dead after being abducted from Five Points early Friday.
Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old University of South Carolina student, was found dead after being abducted from Five Points early Friday. Columbia

I never remember a missing person case being resolved as quickly as that of the USC coed’s. There were two key elements that made this possible:

1. The fact that law enforcement officer(s) took the missing report from the roommate seriously and immediately put that information out, and

2. The fact that video cameras in the area where she was last seen were checked at once.

If either of those things had not been done as quickly, all the rest of the wonderful cooperation between various law enforcement agencies would never have mattered.

Of course, the fact that two turkey hunters decided to go hunting Friday afternoon in that very spot was a fortunate circumstance. Additionally, the fact that an alert law enforcement officer made the stop of a car which matched the description of one being sought before the car had been cleaned and the girl’s phone removed from it was extremely important.

This all goes back to the point I am making: if there had been any delay at all in the beginning, the outcome would have been entirely different.

Praises to the members of each of the law agencies who were amazing in doing exactly the right things.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the Josephson family.

Harriet Hutto

Holly Hill

Most heinous cover-up in the history of the world needs to be stopped

When did America or any state pass a law that made it a crime to abuse a child unless you were a member of the clergy? Facts tell us it happens in every religion, but it seems the Catholics are leading by a long margin.

The State recently published that the Diocese of Charleston released the names of 42 priests credibly accused of being child predators, finally. Why did they wait until 3/4 of them are dead? Why weren’t these names released by SLED, the sheriff or the police chief? Why weren’t they released by the FBI since it seems the Catholic church is committing and covering up these crimes all across America?

Pope Francis issued a law requiring that these crimes be reported to the Vatican prosecutors. How do Vatican prosecutors hold jurisdiction over America’s laws? This is like asking the S.C. Legislature to enforce ethics laws on itself. It doesn’t happen!

This abuse will never stop until our governments prosecute these criminals and all their bosses that cover up the crimes. Members of every religion need to call the police when these offenses occur. No one wants to believe or admit a leader/member of their church is this disgraceful, but we know it happens every day.

Generations of our children have suffered at the hands of these criminals and those who kept it quiet are equally guilty.

Stuart Stout


Allen Benedict Court needs to be restored, not torn down

Tear down. Tear down.

Those are the words coming out of public officials’ and Columbia Housing Authority’s mouth.

Why is the solution to any issue that affects low income, impoverish, social issue to tear down?

The craftsmanship that exist in Allen Benedict Court will not and cannot be rebuilt to the quality of workmanship that went into building those apartments 80 years ago. How are USC, State House and the Township still standing and being used 100 years later?

Renovation, Renovation.

It is cheaper to bring Allen Benedict apartments up to current buildings code by doing this:

Hire a licensed general contractor with good references to:

1. Inspect the buildings for asbestos and have it removed.

2. Gut the building, tear the walls out to the bare structure.

3. Put in new electrical wiring, new water lines, new gas lines. Install individual heating and air units, replace windows.

4. Get SCE&G to run new gas lines to the buildings.

5. Get the city of Columbia to run new water lines to the property.

Put 30-year architectural shingles.

Allen Benedict can be salvaged. Do not sell that property to investors who are only looking to make a profit.

People who lived in Allen Benedict will never be able to purchase or rent one of those apartments in the future. Best things is to restore, restore, restore.

Patricia Pearson


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