Letters to the Editor

One must maintain situational awareness to avoid crimes like those against Josephson

While the cry of anguish rises over the wanton and callous murder of Samantha Josephson by the evil-bent troll Nathaniel Rowland, the demand for light-up signs on ride-sharing vehicles and – most important of all – the awareness of ride-share users to the correct selection of their summoned vehicles, no mention has been made in any of the current reports that none of these safety measures or procedures will work if the individual who should be employing them is obsessively distracted by their hand-held electronic devices or is too inebriated to remember to employ the procedures.

In the video footage shown, Ms. Josephson didn’t appear to be distracted by her cellphone, but she also didn’t appear to be exercising the cautionary procedure of verifying her driver, which cost her life. As the media hasn’t seen fit to make any mention of Ms. Josephson’s blood-alcohol level, the public is still unaware if her thought process was impaired by inebriation which could have contributed to her vulnerability to her predator. We can design all the safety parameters and shout all the cautionary warnings in the world, but if an individual fails to employ them for any reason, they are simply futile gestures.

K.J. Dolney


Personal safety only comes from common sense: Avoid unsafe places

We hurt for the parents and loved ones of Samantha Josephson and other young lives ending so cruelly. Eight others were in injured in the 2017 shootings in the Vista. 23-year-old Dail Dinwiddie’s disappearance from a Five Points bar in 1992 remains unsolved. The list goes on.

Samantha’s father reportedly wants this tragedy used to prevent similar crimes. Wonderful. Hopefully I might make a small addition to his wish. The Josephsons present as Jewish. If so, here is a principle from that rich heritage. This is from the Tanach, aka Old Testament. King Solomon has words far wiser than mine: “my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; for their feet rush into sin, they are swift to shed blood.” (Proverbs 1.15-16).

I commend the many young people who do not frequent Five Points after midnight. In the middle of the night is when the streets are inhabited by the baddies and pleasure-driven. Self-control and safety are scarce. Not good odds. One can maximize personal safety or fleshly pursuits but not both. Street wise, little animals avoid birds of prey. Danger frequents the intersection of loneliness and desperation. Wholesomeness and purity are dirty words today. Common sense can offend. Greek mythology tells of sirens, sea nymphs, who lured sailors to their death with seductive singing. Rocking Five Points is not Camelot.

Fred Kerr

West Columbia

What motivates the Department of Justice’s misdeeds?

It appears the veil of secrecy is beginning to slide down revealing the workings of the DOJ. Lady Justice must have a tear in her eye!

Recently we have heard of the involvement of Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein plotting to secretly record a meeting with the president as a part of their plot to discredit his administration, but this is only a continuation of their department’s efforts. Reference the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens and how long it took for him to be vindicated at great expense to him politically, personally and financially. Sen. Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has recently announced that an investigation of DOJ will commence as a result of some of their recent actions centered on the Mueller investigation.

What is the possible motivation behind the department’s misdeeds? Could it be plain old political discrediting or is it something else? Could it be posturing for departmental promotion? Could be positioning for a high paying position in a private firm or some other form of self-promotion? This behavior is not limited to just politicians, but also applied to targeted citizens of our fine country (Google “Howard Root cardiac arrest”).

I would suggest that every citizen interested in fair justice for all buy a copy of “Licensed to Lie” by Sidney Powell to see the inner workings of the DOJ through the eyes of one of its former prosecutors.

F.C. Dent Jr.


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