Letters to the Editor

Legislative priorities are skewed if fetus’ rights come before living people’s

South Carolina State House
South Carolina State House tglantz@thestate.com

Having witnessed the enthusiasm many of our S.C. House members have for protecting fetuses, I was surprised to find how little they care about the people of S.C. This session, the House has missed golden opportunities to save the lives of citizens. S.C. will probably continue to lead the nation in traffic fatalities because bills 3355 (no handheld devices in cars) and 3656 (complying with complete streets ) were shuffled off to committees to die, and a red light camera bill was not introduced in the House. Even a weak gun control bill, H.3248, was overlooked, and H.3729 dealing with substance-exposed infants got nowhere.

Would House Judiciary Republicans please point me to passages in the Constitution or Bible that suggest fetuses should be given priority over living people? I’d hate to think that threats from groups such as S.C. Citizens for Life determine the legislation upon which our House members act.

Jean Denman


Mueller report shows attempts of obstruction of justice

If person No. 1 tries to hire a hit man and the person he tries to hire says “no” and reports the attempt to authorities, person No. 1 gets arrested for attempted murder. The attempt itself is a crime.

The attempt of obstruction of justice is a crime, even if you could not get all the people to act on your behalf.

Because Mueller could not indict a sitting president, he was referring the matter to Congress for possible impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors. He assumed the report would go to the legislature to deal with. Barr tried to circumvent that process, another attempt at obstruction of justice.

Susan Grey


Free speech does not mean you always get your way

We wonder why our youth are so stressed out and need safe zones to hide in. When they applied for admission to USC, were they told they would be responsible for selecting the president of the university? I think not. Now whoever is chosen will not suit everyone, and those will be horrified and they will be forced to protest again. More stress!

I thought the board was qualified to choose the next president, but they have abdicated to the student body. Will they allow the student body to sit in their skyboxes at the stadiums? I think not. They will show some backbone when it comes to an important issue like football seats. This same board spent seven months, and I assume a lot of money, searching for a new president only to cast them all aside because children didn’t approve. Obviously they have a mandate from at least two pampered students that they need not interview anyone with a military background as the university does not approve of service to your country. This board has proven that they are not capable of handling this process. They either need to step down or hire a capable body for the new search. It’s only money.

Stuart Stout


Barr hearing reveal much bigger crimes by Democrats

After watching the despicable actions by the Democrats at the Senate committee dog and pony show hearing where Attorney General Barr gave his testimony, a thought came to me as to why the Democrats berated, insulted and called Barr a liar.

This honorable man was lambasted by the Dems to undermine his credibility and stop him from investigating what they accuse the president of, which is collusion, conspiracy and obstruction of justice committed by Hillary Clinton and those top officials in the FBI and DOJ who tried to remove President Trump from office.

I would say that when the evidence comes out regarding the falsified FISA warrant and all of the crimes committed by the Democrats who knew their vile plan to get rid of Trump would be exposed, the only game plan left was to attack AG Barr’s reputation and credibility.

This is a play right out of the Democratic playbook. They distract, challenge and lie to cover up their wrongdoing, which is malfeasance of office for committing a wrongful act and misfeasance of office for wrongfully using the office to do it just to name a couple.

There are much bigger crimes to be prosecuted so my suggestion to all those knowing they did wrong is, get yourselves a really good lawyer you’re gonna need one.

Gregory Topliff