Letters to the Editor

President Trump doesn’t represent values, ideals the Republican Party once stood for


If it wasn’t so depressing, it would be hilarious to watch so many Republicans (including our own Lindsay Graham) tie themselves in logical knots trying to explain their support for President Trump.

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans often claimed that they were the “party of law and order.” In fact, Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (two of the most corrupt politicians in history, both of whom resigned in disgrace) made “law and order” a central theme of their campaigns. Amazingly, over 80% of Republicans now support Trump, a man who appears to have broken the law many times in both his pre-presidential (business) and political lives.

In the past, many Republicans have also described themselves as the party of “family values,” whatever that actually means, but presumably includes being faithful to one’s spouse. Despite Trump’s obvious infidelities to multiple wives and his clearly illegal use of campaign funds to buy his mistress’ silence, the vast majority of Republicans continue to support him.

Republicans typically love to boast of their opposition to communism in general, and to Russia in particular. Yet, today, they don’t seem to be concerned that our president eagerly accepted help from the Russians in his 2016 campaign and continues to act as though the Russian and North Korean communist leaders are his two best friends.

To top it all off, last week our President threatened to quit doing his job by stopping all negotiations with congressional Democrats over pending legislation unless the Democrats drop the multiple ongoing investigations on him and his administration.

Let’s hope that the voters finish the job in the 2020 elections that they started in 2018.

Druie Cavender


House should help president with important issues, not tear him down

The president of this wonderful country cannot do his job by himself! Today we have a president who really seems to have the best interest of our country at heart and is willing to confront important and difficult issues that have developed over the past decades, all while forgoing his salary. He has led the effort to revise the NAFTA agreement that President Clinton got us into that basically ruined the textile business here yet Congress has yet to ratify it. He has led the effort to confront China over their unfair trade practices that have drained our technology bucket. He has addressed the flawed agreement that President Obama got us into with Iran and is trying to find ways to reduce their financial well-being to limit the continued spread of terrorism in the Middle East.

He has worked to strengthen our borders and do something constructive to fix our immigration system. We must control who we allow to enter this country of ours and eliminate the criminals involved with drugs, sex trade and other illegitimate enterprises. More recently, he has tried to start conversations with Congress with updating our crumbling infrastructure

What I am confused about is why our Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, seem to spend their time focusing on tearing down the president as opposed to entering into earnest discussions on some of the above very important issues. This destructive approach certainly weakens the president’s ability to “close the deal” when negotiating with other countries.

F.C. Dent Jr.


Trump is not a patriotic president

What message does the president of the United States send to veterans (both living and deceased), to persons currently serving in the Armed Forces and to the American public when he schedules an overseas trip (including golf outings) over the Memorial Day weekend? There are many adjectives used to describe Donald J, Trump and his behavior as president. “Patriotic” is not among them.

John Hartz


Politicians get more than they deserve

Only in America can an individual be elected to a high-paying position and spend half the length of their job working on re-election.

These individuals no longer serve the American people, but their own self-serving interests. If you are not doing your job, you shouldn’t be paid, and like all Americans who do work, these individuals don’t deserve big retirement and special health benefits for a single term in office. They get high pay and benefits regardless of the job they do or don’t do. Accountability is a word that is rarely used in government.

Joe Pappas


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