Letters to the Editor

Trump may not be the most eloquent or charming president, but he gets things done


I’m with the Dems on wanting a president with the stately friendliness of FDR, the charm of Reagan or the God-imbued soul of Lincoln. One without so many tweets or chastisements.

Well, doggone it, the non-Hollywood, non-New York crowd has given us something entirely different. I could really get embarrassed if things weren’t going so well for him. Aside from overcoming the recounts, the Mueller investigation and such, he has:

▪  Freed us people from foreign prisons and brought home bodies.

▪  Moved our Israel embassy to Jerusalem, something other presidents only promised.

▪  Got NATO members to start paying their commitments.

▪  Picked up 600,000 new industrial jobs; Obama said they would never return.

▪  Begun restoring our military strength and increased the pay of our service personnel.

▪  Lowered our unemployment rate to a 50-year low overall and the lowest ever for minorities.

▪  Drawn a line with trading participants, as we can’t survive continuing to be a patsy and cash cow to the rest of the world.

▪  Done everything he can to prevent illegal immigration,while the Dems have been obstructive at every turn and setting up sanctuary cities that want to ignore federal law.

▪  All this and more while fighting off the heaviest barrage of attacks of every conceivable type imaginable.

He may not be the most eloquent, handsome or orthodox president we have had, but I will gladly take his results over the urbane chaps that preceded him.

Theron Teagle Sr.



The race for the 2020 elections has become so polarized that both parties are trampling the core principles of the Constitution just to achieve their own political goals. These revered American values have become mere weapons of convenience in the battle of power for control of the government. Have politicians become so obsessed over defeating President Trump that they are ignoring the immediate needs of our citizens?

Trump may be retaining his support because of his successful economic policies that have improved the GDP and gotten record employment of middle class Americans. Or could it be that people support him because of the dearth of choices among the 24 radical candidates running in the Democratic primary? That field makes it hard to understand why some Democrats can realistically support the socialist platforms of these candidates.

Hand it to the Democrats for being more effective with their messaging. Of course, they have the advantage through their mainstream media minions who have an admitted bias against Trump and any traditional policies. The media has shamelessly overblown identity politics by claiming that race and gender relationships are the worst in recent memory.

Noteworthy is that the 2019 West Point graduating class included a record 34 black females, 110 African-Americans and 223 total women from a once heavily male-dominated institution. Is honest journalism fast becoming a relic of the past?

The 645,000 fallen American heroes whom we recently honored would be disappointed in our uncompromising partisan politics.

Carroll Player


Mueller is disgraceful for pandering to the left wing

I have never seen such a hatchet job done to our Constitution and our sitting president as what was televised May 29!

Shame on Robert Mueller pandering to the Left’s wishes to bludgeon, impugn and impeach our duly elected president. Mueller gave his 400 pages plus report which had some redactions for all to see. AG Barr made arrangements for senior Congressmen and women to view. The Republicans read it, but the Democrats did not. Nadler and his Liberal cronies wanted the entire report available to them which would have been illegal.

So after fuming and threatening contempt of Congress on AG Barr, Mueller takes center stage and said he stands by the report but added shades of gray to almost every finding. Do people realize he was head of FBI who swore there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? He was FBI director who signed off on the Uranium One deal where uranium (20%) went to Russia. He’s as disgraceful as James Comey!

Susan Veld


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