Letters to the Editor

Instead of putting ex-prosecutor Dan Johnson away, he should work off his debt


On the headline on the front page of The State on June 5, I read “Ex-prosecutor Johnson gets one year in prison for stealing $44,000 in tax money.” I looked at the internet and saw that the average cost to keep an inmate a year is $32,000. Now we have Johnson getting $76,000 of our money.

Had I been in charge I would have had put the $32,000 into paying teachers adequately, have Johnson report to a road-cleaning gang each morning for a year or two, with his own lunch, in his own automobile and at his own expense, and all it would have cost the taxpayer beyond what he stole would be the proportionate cost of a port-a-potty. Each day Johnson missed cleaning roads, he would have been fined a grand — adding a week to his sentence.

Richard Mims


Demand for Veterans Day just for women crosses line

Do the woman get excluded from the regular Veterans Day recognition? I don’t think so.

It appears that it is not enough to be honored with the men veterans. I could just see the social explosion if men veterans wanted to exclude women and have a Veterans Day just for men.

Where will these demands from women end?

Jim Matthews


Harpootlian is lawfully shaking things up, unlike Trump

I am writing in response to Lisa Buch’s Letter to the Editor of June 12 captioned, “Harpootlian has Trump’s desire to shake things up.”

I believe Dick Harpootlian is an attorney who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the state of South Carolina and of the United States of America. If shaking things up means holding individuals accountable for doing their jobs, or insuring those in government or public service are not abusing the public trust, then I too applaud Attorney Harpootlian for calling out these individuals and systems.

However, President Donald J. Trump appears to have no regard for the rule of law and displays almost daily his disdain and lack of understanding or regard for the U.S. Constitution. President Trump is slowly turning this country into an autocratic Banana Republic with himself as the head/chief banana. It’s Trumps’ way or the highway.

President Trump appears narcissistic, misogynistic, finds it difficult to be truthful (pathological liar), could be a communist sympathizer based on his bromance with Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia, and did not “step up” when his country needed him during the Vietnam Conflict, accepting four or five deferments from serving in our Armed Forces. He also appears to have a problem with people of color when you consider his immigration policies. But he loves America.

President Trump lacks the integrity, values and principles necessary to “shake things up.” The man has no moral compass.

Raymond Singleton


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