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Guns have become the great equalizer for smaller men, women in this violent world

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The world is not a nice place. Since Cain slew Able, the world has been violent. In the past, weapons all required strength to use, and the weak and small were helpless. Thus the saying “Only the strong survive.” The bow, the sword, club and spear all require strength. In 1836, Samuel Colt patented his revolver, and for the first time in the history of the world, the weak and small were “equal” to the big and strong.

Those wanting to restrict, control and do away with guns should learn from history. Does anyone really want to go back in time to before women and small men had equal means to defend themselves? It only takes one good guy to stop a bad guy.

Jim Clark


Nadler, Pelosi, media have mislead people about Trump

I am fed up with the nasty bias perpetrated by the democratic Congress and their rotten cohorts in crime. The biggest offenders are the New York Times and the Washington Post along with MSNBC and CNN who continuously lie saying we have a “serious crisis” in this country thanks to Trump.

The despicable lies told by people like New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, head of the House Judiciary Committee, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,speaker of the House, are not only slanderous but have mislead the people around the world who think Trump is a bad person.

All of the above talk about impeaching President Trump for wrongdoing, making me wonder if Nadler, Pelosi and the rest were born ignorant or if they have to work at it because they all spew accusations with no evidence to support their claims against Trump.

They have the audacity and unmitigated gall to assault Trump on a daily basis with unsubstantiated crimes they say is in the Mueller report.

To put it into perspective, if Trump went to a restaurant and got bad service and later said they are lucky someone doesn’t burn down that place, the fake news and politicians would put forth to the public that Trump threatened to burn down a restaurant because he didn’t like the service he got.

The news media and our democratic elected official are right, there have been crimes committed but not by President Trump. They have colluded and conspired showing intent to manipulate the truth and defraud the American people of their right to be represented by a man who is for the people.

Gregory Topliff


Proposed Aiken bomb plant is just us trying to keep up with the Jones

Thanks to The State’s front-page coverage (6/15/19) of the citizen groups’ forum (6/14/19, in Aiken), the steamroller looking to make a new bomb plant at the Savannah River Site hit a bump. The mystery of why fresh parts (triggers) for nuclear bombs are needed when there are 17,000 in storage was revealed: Department of Defense (DOD) wants a new bomb design. Keeping up with the Jones on a nuclear level!

DOD stated reasons “enhancing warhead safety, mitigating risks against plutonium aging, and responding to renewed global competition” only sound reasonable if you don’t know some facts. The proposed bomb production is not an enhancement, it would be a brand new design (untested) and the stockpiled parts wouldn’t fit! As for the aging issue, the current pits (bomb triggers) have a shelf life of 100 years or so. And, the third stated reason, global competition, please. The U.S. and Russia have 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons and we seem to be the only country ready to spend billions. Billions are so nonrelatable to an ordinary individual’s budget, that a “leave it to the experts” must be what kicks in to let such an outrageous plan get slipped in a report to Congress as if it were a “done deal.”

No bomb plant at SRS.

Joanne Williams


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