Letters to the Editor

A challenge to our South Carolina senators to stop human rights violations against immigrant children


We have mass violations of human rights at our Southern border. These immigrant children feel pain.

Sen. Lindsey Graham in January 2019 pursued an abortion ban because he said an unborn fetus could feel pain. Neither Sen. Graham nor I have medical degrees that would qualify us to rule on fetal sensations. Anyone, however, can tell that the immigrant children at our border feel pain.

Both of our senators, Graham and Tim Scott, have influence with the president and other Republican party members. I challenge them to seek relief from the human rights violations and resulting pain and suffering for the children already born and living at our Southern border in squalor without basic hygiene and medical care. Senators, use your influence for good and help stop these human rights violations.

Elizabeth Jones


Military jets inspire gratitude and pride

Every time I hear the military jets from Shaw fly overhead, I feel so proud and thankful. They may not see me, but if I'm in the backyard, I look up, salute and put my hand over my heart. Thank you to all who serve to keep America free. Happy 4th and God bless America.

Beth Bolton


Trump earned credit for booming economy

Some say President Obama gets credit for a booming economy. Ain’t true. President Obama famously said: “The days of 2% growth are gone; we’ll never see those days again!” Translation:

President Trump earned validly total credit for the nice economy. I’m proudly voting for a Trump re-election.

Daniel House

West Columbia

Richland County elections commission could use Jackson, Lourie again

I am not surprised that the rest of us in South Carolina will have to help clean up Richland County, again. I am surprised that we need to spend $50,000 (like that will be the last request) on consultants. I remember Sen. Darrell Jackson and former Sen. Joel Lourie used to be election experts and still live in Richland County. Remember when all was right at the election committee, they brought in Lillian McBride to replace Mike Cinnamon who was doing the job. She obviously was not qualified and a fiasco ensued much greater than this last one. Both senators raced to Ms. McBride’s rescue (and their own) and advised her to speak to no one.

Another replacement was then hired. Could we not call on these two local experts to help the county now?

Stuart Stout


Think of collateral damage when spraying pesticides

Spraying for mosquitoes is not without collateral damage to insects, spiders, earthworms, birds, fish and even cats.

Many of our neighbors spray for mosquitoes in their yards, and not coincidentally, I think, we have virtually no honey bees, solitary bees or fireflies over the entire 3.5 acres of our property, where they all use to be plentiful.

Recently, I spent an afternoon coughing, after getting a snoot full of mosquito spray being administered to a yard, while walking my dogs.

Such local “climate change” seems worthy of further investigation, which I leave to your capable organization.

Please keep in mind, that malaria was long ago eradicated from South Carolina.

Stewart Young


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