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USC’s board of trustees shouldn’t be forced into a vote Caslen in as president

Robert Caslen, senior counsel to the president and interim chief financial officer at University of Central Florida, addresses faculty, students and alumni at a forum in April at USC.
Robert Caslen, senior counsel to the president and interim chief financial officer at University of Central Florida, addresses faculty, students and alumni at a forum in April at USC. The State file photo

I am shocked beyond belief to read of Gov. McMaster’s action to force the USC board of trustees to vote on Gen. Caslen to be the next president of the University of South Carolina. I hope your paper will reach out for comment about this stupid move. I was at USC in the period immediately following World War II when USC had a retired admiral as president, and it was ample demonstration that a retired military man was a poor choice. Such a move by the current board will be its second dumb mistake in finding a replacement for Harris Pastides, the first being its poorly thought-out slate of nominees without a female in April.

As a 1949 graduate and individual who has been a strong supporter of USC’s academic programs throughout my life, I suspect this will not sit well with many of those who gave so generously during USC’s billion-dollar campaign several years ago — certainly in part because of a great academic, Harris Pastides.

Kenneth Baldwin Jr.

West Columbia

Caslen is a wise choice to lead USC, despite opposition’s opinions

When on America’s timeline was decision-making usurped from the silent, working majority by the ever-louder whining minorities? The current consideration of retired Lt. Gen. John Caslen to be president of the University of South Carolina is being disputed on the basis of his not having the skill set to run an institution the size of USC based on his last position as superintendent of West Point, a smaller school. HELLO? Lieutenant generals lead and direct personnel, physical and financial assets of the Army’s Corps-size formations and commands whose manpower is between 25,000 and 60,000 members and financial assets in the billions of dollars. He has led or directed smaller commands as he amassed his career achievements, many in the chaos and fog of war.

It is at the point of Lt. Gen. Caslen’s return for further consideration for the post that I have to question his opposing minority factions on the lesser merit of their arguments. Do they want a president who is more of a “pal” than a president, or did the general simply hit a campus “nerve” when he identified aggressive sexual behavior as being directly tied to our nation’s collegiate love of binge drinking?

K.J. Dolney


Graham, Scott should defend the constitution and citizenship

The Supreme Court has spoken: The Trump administration has supplied no defensible reasons for the citizenship question on census forms. The deadline has passed: The court gave the administration until last Friday at 2 p.m. to submit a defensible reason for the addition. The administration has not come up with a defensible reason to add the question on the census forms.

If we — yes, we! — allow the Trump administration to ignore the court, we have a constitutional crisis in our country. I beg Sens. Graham and Scott to obey the oath they took to defend our constitution and stop the Trump administration from defying a court order.

Stan Frick


Wolves are a crucial part of our environment

We must all support the Endangered Species Act, which protects so many precious animals for the future and for our children and grandchildren.

The Trump administration has a plan to remove the protections of wolves from the Endangered Species Act. Wolves are a crucial part of our environment, as they maintain checks and balances in nature. The removal of any wolf protections would be a grave error, as that action would leave wolves unprotected and subject to being hunted and killed on sight.

Each and every one of us must realize the importance of the wolf in nature and speak out to maintain the critical protections of the Endangered Species Act!

Jamie McCulloch


When Five Points lost its champion, bars began to open

Over 50 years ago, the village of Five Points in the evening was a wonderful place for families to mingle and to have a meal in Five Points. It was a safe place! Students from University of South Carolina also enjoyed this atmosphere.

There was a lovely feisty lady by the name of Mrs. Hampton, who owned Hiller Hardware on the corner of Harden and Blossom streets. Whenever a bar wanted to open up in Five Points, Mrs. Hampton would have the merchants of Five Points sign a petition declining the opening of a bar.

Mrs. Hampton passed away. The bars opened in Five Points.

Faye Miller


Separation of families at border comes from inaction from certain representatives

The uproar on the left over separation of families at the border during this ongoing crises is incredulous to say the least. These representatives have sat on their rear ends for the past two years and have done nothing to fix the problem as the situation gets worse each day.

In the USA as in virtually all countries in the world, if you are incarcerated for breaking the law, you end up in detention without your children. If your children have no one to care for them, they go to foster care. If these children are with individuals that are not their parents or by themselves, they end up in detention centers (not concentration camps).

If you don't like the law, fix it or change it, but don't ignore it. What if all Americans decided to ignore the laws in our country that they don't like? Each and every one of these representatives should be held accountable for not doing their jobs when elections roll around. Doing nothing means nothing will change.

Joe Pappas


Barr’s SC visit shows we are stuck in the old days

I had to laugh when I saw the picture of Attorney General William Barr and his entourage on the front page today (July 9). What a throwback to the 1960s, ’70s, even the ’80s.

I’m shocked Lindsey wouldn’t have informed him that 28% of the population of S.C. is African American, 5% is Hispanic, and there are 3% more women then men in S.C. Or he could’ve asked his comrade in arms, Nikki Haley, a woman and person of color, to be a part of Barr’s discussion on crime and prison reform. Surely she would have something to contribute since many of the problems that resulted in the prison riot in 2018 were brewing when she was governor.

But not to worry, the dark-suited/red-tied all-white Masters of the Universe are here to save and protect us all!

Mary S. Parekh


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