Letters to the Editor

What’s in store for future UofSC grads with president who’s not qualified to help?

What job-related changes will our college students face in the digital age? No one knows with certainty the kind of jobs people will be performing or the skills those jobs will require. We do know that because humans tend to make bad decisions, companies are relying more on artificial intelligence (AI). AI solves problems faster and makes better decisions than humans. Professor Yuval Harari, a recognized authority on the impact of technology on society, posits that as AI and automation develop, jobs will disappear.

Not knowing what else to do, many universities are busily preparing students for jobs that won’t exist. The UofSC missed an opportunity to hire a president who knows how to be successful in a world that does not yet exist.

President Caslen said he wants to work tirelessly to listen to students and faculty to understand their concerns and issues. Gathering information is necessary, but knowing what to do with that information is critical. What’s needed is a leader who knows where he wants to take the university, is comfortable maneuvering in an unknown future, and is well-versed in technology and innovation.

When a leader is placed in a position for which he is not qualified, he has no choice but to spend his time solving problems that don’t exist. Meanwhile, the university drowns in the River of No Return.

Donald Murphy


US government’s climate change denials may burn us

Interesting short article in The State on July 26 (Paris endures its hottest day ever, 108.6 Fahrenheit). It is brutally hot across much of Europe, just as it is in many parts of the U.S. It’s part of the reality of climate change.

I’ve noticed our science-challenged president has not yet launched into one of his mocking, laughter-filled sound bites regarding the heat as he does when we get periodic heavy snows and bitter cold weather in the winter when he mocks climate change/global warming.

The mocking and the belittlement of science apparently plays well to his base; perhaps they’re science-challenged as well.

None of them seem to understand that climate change, based on the scientifically proven global warming that is occurring, can cause extremes in both heat/drought and cold/heavy snows. It doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to understand it – just common sense.

Climate change is upon us. Extremes in temperature in both directions will occur. Climate disasters will also occur and people will suffer.

The U.S. government can decide to sit back and let it negatively impact us, or we can decide to be a leader in the fight to combat it.

So far our federal government’s Republican leadership seems to be sticking its collective heads in the sand in denial. Be careful. That sand will heat up faster than other substances and it will burn you.

Don Hagedorn


Chapin men are heroes after life-saving rescue on the lake

I am a 120% disabled veteran from the Army, serving in Vietnam in 1965. I am 73 years old.

I rented a home on Overlook Court this week and took one of the kayaks out for a casual paddle. After about 20 minutes, my back gave out and I fell out of the kayak in deep water. Somehow I let the current push me to shore in an undeveloped part of a home lot. I was wearing a life vest but could not turn over from floating on my back.

The rocky shore seemed like a mountain. I was in big trouble and exhausted. I used my whistle many times to send out a SOS signal but no one heard it.

I was in a lot of pain and bleeding from my left arm. I have had five heart attacks in the past two years and am taking a lots of medicine.

After over a hour, I heard a voice. I was too weak to answer. The owners of the home, David and Patrick Collins (brothers), came to my rescue. It took both men to carry me up the hill. They gave me first aid, washed out my wounds, applied bandages and let me rest with a bottle of cold water.

I was so thankful. I want these two great men to be recognized as heroes as they saved my life in the city of Chaplin.

Ron Rowland


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