Letters to the Editor

NRA a marketing venue for gun makers; instilling fear so more guns are sold

The NRA and its GOP toadies are 100% responsible for the gun massacres we just experienced! Wayne La Pierre’s contention that only a “good guy with a gun” can protect us was shot to hell in Dayton, Ohio. The cops killed him in 20-30 seconds, yet he killed nine and maimed 20 or so! So much for that BS!

GOP senators and congressman, get off of your useless, lying corrupt asses and do something to stop this!

There is no reason for anyone outside of the military, or law enforcement, to have assault style weapons, much less with 100 round magazines.

The NRA is a sleazy marketing venue for gun makers. Bestow fear on the people and convince them that more guns are the only protection from an invented threat, and they sell more guns.

Guns, the GOP and the draft dodging, lying coward in the White House are the problem! If idiots didn’t have easy access to lethal weapons, they couldn’t do this. Look at the rest of the civilized world. This only happens in the USA.

Gary Cadle

Gun laws need to be changed for students’ sake

Yet another “innocence” has been breached....the “back-to-school” buying weekend has been shattered by news of a Walmart mass shooting. And, by the way, there was another one that happened states away just 13 hours later.

Supporting “gun rights” does not have to mean supporting bump stocks and assault rifles. These are for war and for killing humans ... these are not for sport hunting.

As a retired elementary school teacher in Columbia, I will never forget my last year of teaching. The shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, had just happened weeks before Christmas and winter holidays. First graders and teachers gunned down; parents left forever grief-stricken.

After Christmas, my school conducted an “Active shooter drill.” Every classroom teacher had to permanently rearrange the desks and furniture so that crouched students could not be seen from windows or the door glass.

On the day/time designated for this drill, I was teaching first graders. Nothing has ever been as chilling or sad as explaining to these small, frightened children the reason for complete silence/no movement during this drill, and then also lying to them that “nothing like that will happen at our school.”

This situation is insanity! Parents, grandparents, demand gun law changes ... now!!

Kat Bradley


AR-15s are not the problem; people are

Rep. Joe Cunningham’s recent comments (The State, Aug. 6, page 3A) stating that the AR-15 rifle platform should not be in the hands of civilians is pure liberal poppycock rhetoric, as is most of the left’s opinions on firearms (and everything else, for that matter).

As an experiment, I placed my loaded AR-15 on my dining room table, overlooking the street, for a day. There were many comings and goings, both to my front door and up and down the street – mail delivery, UPS/FedEx, Amazon Prime, neighbors walking, jogging, etc. – typical neighborhood goings on. Not once did my firearm threaten, let alone shoot at, any of these pedestrians. You see, Mr. Cunningham, a firearm is just a tool, and HUMAN INVOLVEMENT is necessary for it to fulfill its intended purpose..

Oh, sure, “we only want to outlaw the AR-15;” however, that will only lead to the banning of any semi-automatic weapon and ultimately the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, which is the goal of the left. And without the 2nd Amendment, the rest of the Bill of Rights becomes moot.

The problem, Mr. Cunningham, lies not with the tool but with the individual who squeezes the trigger.

R.S. Hodnett