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Cardinal Newman administration needs to hold accused students, themselves accountable

Cardinal Newman High School
Cardinal Newman High School tglantz@thestate.com

As a ’16 Cardinal Newman School alumna, I am unsurprised by the recent threat of racial violence at my former high school. While I attended CN, racism was a problem, one inexplicitly associated with uncontended ideas of elitism, fundamentalism and conformity held among the student body. I heard the N-word and blatant stereotyping of African Americans multiple times. Three years later, I heard those same phrases spoken by a current CN student in a video on Twitter, which the administration initially ignored. I’m sure some current faculty will argue that they have never heard racist remarks in their classrooms, and my response is that they should think about whether or not they cared to take a listen. In the years since I graduated, many CN faculty who chose not to be disengaged bystanders have since left the school.

CN students do not report racism because they feel that the administration will ignore them, that their peers will ridicule them or because they are truly scared. Catholic social teaching tells us to “curb and eradicate” racism. So, my words to CN’s administration are “do better.” Hold accountable ALL students involved in the recent incident, and hold yourselves accountable too.

Reese Harper


Marsh must need the refunds more than we do

Could someone please send me Kevin Marsh’s address? I would like to send him the $38.97 SCANA settlement check that I received in the mail today. I am sure he could use it since he is probably struggling to make ends meet on the multimillion dollar settlement he received from SCANA after he stole from ratepayers like myself.

At least, you wouldn’t be stealing this $38.97, Mr. Marsh; I’ll give it to you.

Mae Andrews


Wilson should look into Dominion’s promised refunds

I wonder how many folks would join me in requesting S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson start an inquiry into Dominion Energy (formerly S.C. Electric & Gas) to see if any laws were broken in regard to the refunds (or lack of) that this company promised to their customers. In a state of 5.08 million residents (2018 census), it seems 700,000 people are a fair amount of the total population.

We were promised $1,000 each until “the rubber hit the road” and some people got as little as 34 cents. Hardly worth the expense of mailing out the checks, much less having to go to a bank to cash them.

I’m just sayin’.

Paul Brown

West Columbia

Child care grant would help many SC families

As a working mother of five, I know firsthand how hard it is to find child care. My oldest child attends Northside Middle School, but finding affordable care for my toddlers has been a struggle. Child care costs rival the cost of our home; and at times, my husband and I have discussed the possibility of me leaving the workforce – but that is not financially feasible for our family either.

We are lucky to have a provider who works with us, but it took years to find care we could trust and afford. Our children, and children across the Palmetto state, need safe, affordable, quality child care. With an additional $2.4 billion going to the Child Care and Development Block Grant, South Carolina would get over $41 million and nearly 5,000 more children could get care. That’s a big difference for our state.

Though we are not able to get child care assistance, the Child Care and Development Block Grant makes this easier for so many families. We need Sen. Graham to fight for it.

Paige Butler

West Columbia

There’s no excuse not to vote

Can’t we all do one thing as a nation. Go vote in the primaries and general elections. I don’t care about your politics; I care about participation. No excuses!!! Not registered, then register. No identification, then get one. No excuses.

Lewis Houghtaling

Little River

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