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USC President Caslen should be given chance to prove his worth like Sen. Jackson

University of South Carolina President Robert Caslen
University of South Carolina President Robert Caslen The State file photo

Having just read the story that Sen. Darrell Jackson is requesting the state government start an investigation on the USC presidential search and selection of Robert Caslen has made me think it is such a waste of time and money.

Enough is enough, too many hours, days and money has been wasted in investigating this already by school administrators, teachers, students, elected state and local representatives on this matter. Give this fine individual the opportunity to do the job he was asked to do without having to be badgered continually by others such as Sen. Jackson.

Mr. Jackson should be remembered that he was voted to his position and not every person voted for him. However, he has been given the opportunity to do the job he was voted into. If he does not do well enough in the eyes of the citizens, he will be voted out of his position. If given the same opportunity, Mr. Caslen will also have to do well or he could also be voted out of his position. Isn’t this the American way?

Mark Stears


Caslen can fix issue with grad students’ payroll

There is a growing Human Relations crisis at the University of South Carolina that will afford new president Bob Caslen an opportunity to prove to skeptical students that he is truly committed to their success.

Since the university’s decision to switch to a new payroll system, many issues have arisen that have been especially detrimental to graduate students with teaching assistantships. Due to a lag with this new system, many graduate students (myself included) experienced significant delays in receiving their hard-earned paychecks over the summer — it’s now fall and the problem continues!

Moreover, while entering graduate students were set to receive their first paychecks for fall 2019 on Aug. 31, HR now claims this will not be the case (though they have yet to provide the College of Arts and Sciences with a firm date of when to actually expect payment). Furthermore, CAS graduate students have been advised that there is no funding available to offer pay advances to those in vulnerable financial situations.

Caslen has often stated his objective of making UofSC the preeminent research institution in the country; certainly, this ambitious goal will not come to fruition if graduate students are more preoccupied with paying rent than undertaking innovative research.

David Beek


Turn off the lights and they will come – to stargaze

I read a recent article in the New York Times by Kelsey Johnson about light pollution and got to wondering if it’s possible for the city of Columbia, perhaps Richland County, to set aside a couple of nights per year, maybe more, to shut off many of the millions of bright lights causing so much light pollution?

There are few things that can equal the beauty of billions of bright stars at night.

Not long ago, billions of bright stars greeted me when I looked up south of the county.

As it is now, we have millions of people in this nation who have no idea what the sky with billions of stars even looks like. How absurd is that?

Columbia could also get quite a tourism bonus much like we did when the solar eclipse happened a few years ago. Just let it be known the lights are going to be turned off around town for stargazing in Columbia and they will come.

Martino Amello


Why is SC not approving non-declaw legislation?

On July 22, New York Gov. Andre Cuomo shone forth as he approved non-declaw legislation for the state of New York, making New York state America's premier non-declaw state. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon and Florida legislators are also preparing to ban this horrific amputation. Why is South Carolina NOT preparing to shine forth with such compassion?

Deborah Greenfield


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