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Man guilty of 2014 murder: What would you do if someone reached into your car?

Kierin Dennis was found guilty of murder in the 2014 knife stabbing death of another teen after a high school basketball game on Aug. 27.
Kierin Dennis was found guilty of murder in the 2014 knife stabbing death of another teen after a high school basketball game on Aug. 27. The State file photo

I was surprised to read in a recent headline that the young man involved in the 2014 stabbing in Lexington after the basketball game was found guilty of murder.

I have neither been in the courtroom, nor heard all the testimony. I have only the newspaper accounts to inform me. I am sure there was a lot of trash talk, both during and after the game. But once someone reaches into the vehicle, at that moment, everything changes. Now it is not just words, but actions which confront you.

Imagine yourself, in your vehicle, surrounded by angry people, and someone reaches into your vehicle. What would you do? Without additional data, I must conclude he acted in self-defense.

Robert Williams III


Lack of vehicles for handicapped people leaves some stranded

On Aug., 9, I was traveling on I-20 from the burn center in Augusta, Georgia, when a tire blew on the left front of our van.

I am confined to a wheelchair, and by the time we stopped, all of the electrical was ripped from under the van. I was not able to get out, and we on the yellow line in the right lane. Our back door was opened,and traffic would not slow down or move to the left lane when possible.

We called 911 and got Aiken dispatch. They said they would send a trooper ASAP. We then waited one hour, and a trooper just happened by. He and my husband tried to the move the van, but it wouldn’t move.

We also called our insurance company for a tow and waited for two hours. Calling every service, there was no one with a handicap vehicle.

My question is what do handicap people do for a ride? Some people need a ride with a ramp. No one has vehicles to accommodate wheelchair people. What do we do?

Edna Bodie

West Columbia

Putting Aldi on Broad River Road would fill community’s need

Joe Stankovics’ idea to replace the old Save-A-Lot with an Aldi store is brilliant. Aldi could also fill the gap created by the closing of the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Broad River Road.

Lisa Buch


Superintendents’ pay less important that teacher’s

The disparity between the classroom teacher’s salary and the superintendents’ and administrators’ pay is obscene. Who do the board members think makes those improving test scores and graduation rates happen? I credit those in the classroom. And USC’s Henry Tran claims superintendents’ turnover “CAN affect classroom performance.” Does anyone think classrooms with no teachers might possibly affect it?

Darlene Duseberg


Tariffs don’t work, which Americans will one day see

Lindsey Graham recently said that Americans may have to bear some financial hardships due to President Trump’s trade war with China. The assumption is that endurance in the short run will pay off later when China realizes the “error of its ways.”

Several weeks ago, China eliminated all agricultural imports from our country in retaliation to Trump’s tariffs. This is a country that bought 60% of our soybean crop just two years ago. What then is happening in the agricultural sector of our country’s economy? Prices for many farm commodities like soybeans, corn, wheat and cotton have fallen significantly, which is already having negative ripple effects through the banks and all industries that service farmers. But more importantly, farm families are suffering with increased bankruptcy and suicide rates.

You may say that what’s happening to our farmers doesn’t affect the average person. One might say that my job or career is not threatened by any trade war. That would be a false assumption. Goods from China are already more expensive at Target and Walmart and could rise even more.

Trump says that the Chinese are paying for his tariffs. Not true! The Chinese have a 2000+ year old culture and will weather this trade war. They are already buying more wheat from Canada and Australia and more soybeans from South America. And with major investment in their “Belt and Road” program, they have the vision to develop new and sustainable trade systems with Russia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Tariffs don’t work, and one day all Americans will see their bank accounts hurt due to this despicable and nonworkable trade policy.

Jim Palmer


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