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Mass shootings come from cultural bankruptcy not guns; so red flag laws won’t help

South Carolinians should be concerned regarding Sen. Graham’s efforts to saddle us with his “red flag” laws, touted as an antidote to mass slaughter. Such laws allow authorities to engage in what amounts to anti-gun enforcement procedures based on prejudiced sources of information in violation of constitutional due process and our personal liberties. The senator should be reminded of his Oath of Office.

Incidents of mass murder by individuals were almost unheard of in nation for most of our history. The problem is not firearms of whatever type, the problem is cultural bankruptcy. Life has become cheap due to marked decline of strong, close-knit families, Judeo-Christian values and moral integrity. Add generations of our youth subjected to nihilistic Humanist indoctrination in public schools and institutions of higher learning, epidemic drug dependency, popular entertainment rife with violence and illicit sex, and perpetually stimulated class warfare, and you have a nation in decline; a people ripe for enslavement under Socialist-Communist New World Order tyranny.

Rarely has it been so critically important for decent, law-abiding citizens to have firearms and be competent in their use for defending themselves and their families in an increasingly pagan culture.

Allan Brown


Until background checks instituted, it feels like open season on all we hold dear

It’s Dear Season!

Fall will arrive soon along with deer season. Our children will be back at school and our dear children will face another year of open season on school children again. Yes, it has come to this – our dear children are as much at risk of being shot to death as a deer in the woods.

This would not be the case if Sen. Mitch McConnell would allow the Senate to vote on the background check bills that are sitting on his desk. But Sen. McConnell along with President Trump and Lindsey Graham feel the bundles of money they receive from the NRA is more important than our children’s lives. Those bills should have become law long ago, along with the banning of assault rifles. Assault rifles are only used to kill people. But McConnell refuses to bring the bills to a vote!

As long as President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham choose money as their goal more than the lives of people, we are all in for an eventful year. Careful when you go anywhere that people gathering – church, the ballgame, movies, the mall – you may be putting your life at risk!

Pat McGuire


It’s our jobs to get legislators to stop the mass shootings

Dead because she went to the movies. Dead because he was in his first grade classroom. Dead because they went out to hear their favorite country music. Dead because she stopped off at Walmart. These were our neighbors, good people, and they were not ready to die!

Americans, both those who own guns and who don’t want guns, are saying “Stop it!” Americans from all political persuasions are urged to call/write/email their legislators now because those who we choose to serve us CAN make a difference, IF we convince our legislators that we want change.

We have to say it loud and say it again and again before tragedy comes to our town, our movie theater, our school, our festival or our Walmart. Before the killing comes to our church and our friends and our family.

Our legislators work for us – not for a political party. Don’t let them forget that we want those we love to be safe. Please take a moment to get in touch with your legislators today. Contact information can be found at www.usa.gov/elected-officials.

Patricia Pruitt


Socialism fails; capitalist nations are the best

Many think socialism is earthly heaven, but all nations down to Cape Horn: socialist. The people in, say, Guatemala enter several socialist countries en route to here. Why don’t they stop there?

Socialism is farcical, anyone points. Capitalist nations are the best. Immigration’s fine if proper papers truly filed and there’s no criminal record.

Hoarding over borders is not “immigration.” We welcome verified, valid noncriminal entrees as immigrants.

Daniel House

West Columbia

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