Letters to the Editor

Climate collapse, ecological destruction should be politicians’ No. 1 priority

The 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” suggested that a climate catastrophe is imminent. A poignant image of a frog in a pot of water being gradually heated is today’s analogy of our climate crisis. Islands like the Solomon Islands in the Pacific have already relocated people due to the rising sea level. It is estimated that about 2.5 million properties will be endangered by flooding by 2100.

Is it any wonder that young people have cause for concern? The Extinction Rebellion is gaining strength in its nonviolent efforts to protest the destruction of the environment due to climate collapse. Our political leaders should be at the forefront providing suggestions for how communities can adapt, change and become resilient. It is apparent that we are like the frog in the water unwilling to examine global warming and what must be done.

The climate reality project and 350.org work to mobilize young people to make us jump out of the pot. To stop the ecological destruction and climate disaster should be the No. 1 priority for every citizen as well as for our politicians.

Cassandra Fralix


Richland County shouldn’t be double paying for road projects

Why are the citizens of Richland County still paying a $20 road maintenance fee with their vehicle tax when the county has the penny tax available to fund road projects? Repeal the ordinance, County Council!

Kenneth Gaines

Forect Acres

Federal government needs to support clean energy economy 100%

I’m concerned that the energy demands of our economy are sacrificing our future, and that our vulnerable neighbors will be hit the hardest.

I was here several years ago, when the “thousand year flood” came. And every year since, we have had serious hurricane flooding that takes evacuation of the communities and closing of schools.

That’s why we need a 100% clean energy economy. We need an economy that no longer pollutes our communities, and also no longer exploits the environment and people with no regard for the common good.

While the commitment of businesses, nonprofits and individuals to clean energy is essential, we also need our federal government on-board to make this happen.

I hope Sens. Graham and Scott, as well as Rep. Wilson, will support a 100% clean energy economy in Congress and urge their colleagues to do the same.

Don Polite


SC should speak up for changes to Clean Water Act

A letter was sent to the U.S. attorney general by 14 state attorneys general and one state Environmental Protection Agency concerning proposed changes to the Clean Water Act. These states are obviously concerned about the quality of the water in their states. Aren't we in South Carolina as well? Our attorney general is not among the signatories. Why not?

The Clean Water Act Section 401 Guidance issued by the EPA on June 7, 2019, clearly contravenes the CWA mandate for state review of federal actions, which could easily go against our state. Doesn't this go against our state's rights? Why would our attorney general allow the federal government to run all over us?

There are other provisions in this document that should be of concern to citizens of every state.

I remember what our air and water was like in the 50s and 60’s and have seen the difference the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts made in my lifetime. Please, Mr. Wilson, don't let us slide back to that! Please join those 14 colleagues of yours in speaking out against this Guidance.

Elizabeth Russell


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