Letters to the Editor

States and federal government should decide gun laws, not counties

Jim Manning just filed a motion in Richland County Council to determine what can be done on guns. This is why we have preemptive laws – to protect law-abiding citizens from becoming a criminal just because we crossed a county line. We do not need a patchwork of gun laws between the counties. Please, let’s leave the gun laws to the states and federal government.

Jim Clark


Writer is deranged in anti-Trump sentiments

Pat Clark is obviously suffering from TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome

The U.S. economy under Trump is at or near historic “bests” by every economic metric. This doesn’t quite translate to running the country into the ground. And I must have missed the stock market going lower and lower, as my last monthly statement disputes this charge. Sure! There have been ebbs and flows largely due to China trade negotiations, but Trump is the first president to stand up to China’s three decades-long unfair trade policies, intellectual property theft and currency manipulation … which has bit-by-bit damaged the U.S. economy, and effectively built the Chinese military into a force that rivals our supposed supremacy.

Unfortunately, cyclical factors beyond Trump’s control, as well as our inability to learn the lessons of the Great Recession of 2008 – plus, the media’s orchestrated drumbeat of recession, recession, recession – may very well result in a recession within the next 12 months that could greatly influence the outcome of the 2020 election. Many Democrats and pundits are openly wishing for a recession to help oust Trump, but they need to be careful what they wish for. The next recession will make the 2008 economy look like the good old days!

And finally, Clark continues his/her madness with the Russian hoax when any right-thinking person knows that was/is a narrative created and perpetrated to prevent Trump’s election in 2016 and, if elected, to “resist” and damage his presidency.

Paul Gilbert


Slavery rhetoric is misguided

It is lamentable to see anti-American rants apologizing for our forefathers’ past history of slavery. Is this political rhetoric relevant to the more immediate issues facing our country?

The progressives’ narrative circumvents the complete story. Historians confirm that millions of Americans died 160 years ago in a war that permanently eliminated slavery in America, and millions more were killed in World War II to prevent enslavement of Americans by Germany and Japan. Since then, hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent by Democratic and Republican administrations to successfully improve the opportunities for education and living conditions of African-Americans. The media’s disinformation is another compelling reason for secondary education and colleges to make American History and economics core requirements for graduation.

Do the liberal elitists really think that average Americans are so dumb as to not see through these tactics as political pandering to minority groups just to win votes? Minorities everywhere should be offended by this patronizing approach.

Democrats and Republicans should now focus on collaborating on more substantive solutions regarding opioids, immigration, health care and controlling mass shootings.

Carroll Player


If elected, Sanford, Congress can hit the trail

I was excited to read of Mark Sanford’s announcement that he was running for president. I think we should all strongly support his bid and see that he gets elected. That way, once he gets to Washington, he and all the members of Congress can take a hike.

James Slack


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