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Richland County residents should support Manning’s gun control fight

Assault weapons
Assault weapons The Miami Herald file photo

Bravo, to our Richland County Council head, Jim Manning! Jim is a small minnow in a sea of hungry sharks as he attempts to enact county gun control laws!

Not only do I support Jim, but also offer any possible assistance I can give to his brave efforts. I sincerely hope other county residents will follow suit!

On Sept. 13, 1994, a law was passed to ban assault weapons and limit magazine capacities. Crime rates began to recede, despite the hindrance of existing guns. Then, on Sept. 13, 2004, the 10-year assault weapon ban was allowed to lapse under GOP-led leadership. The gates of hell were opened!

Today, the gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries. Every day, 100 Americans die from guns and hundreds more are injured. The weapons, a far cry from the 1780s muskets and flintlock pistols, are now militaristic weapons of mass destruction. When our constitution was written, in 1787, no police existed and the need to hunt was a necessity.

Today, assault weapons are prevalent. These belong in the battlefield, not in citizens’ homes and hands. Our forefathers would be turning over in their grave to see the modern weapons of mass destruction and subsequent mass killings of fellow citizens.

Jim Manning is a great example to all of us! He obviously loves America and the sanctity of life! He found it in his heart to take on a huge, divisive battle in his desire to close the open gates of hell!

Sheri Grover


Like record players, Biden is hip again

Those who are laughing at presidential candidate Joe Biden for recently using the term “record player” should take note of a recent report released by CNBC. The report states that vinyl records are on track to outsell compact discs for the first time in 33 years. One can thus safely assume that sales of record players has kept pace also. Vinyl records and record players are hip again and so is Joe Biden.

William Brunson


Literacy program helps adult achieve their potential

As you read this newspaper, consider that about one in six adults in the U.S. lack basic literacy skills to do the same.

During National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (Sept. 22-28), Turning Pages of SC reminds everyone that reading, writing and basic math remain an elusive target for 36 million adults nationwide. In Richland and Lexington counties, it is estimated that about 11% of the population — one out of 10 people — cannot read basic, short passages of text.

People who cannot read or write well face numerous life challenges. Many cannot get a living-wage job, so they end up dependent on others. Some unintentionally endanger themselves and others because they can’t read road signs, prescription labels and workplace warnings. Others experience debt and money troubles because they can’t read agreements or depend on unscrupulous help. Many are socially rejected because they are falsely believed to be unintelligent or too lazy to learn.

Since 1968, Turning Pages has helped adults in the Midlands improve their literacy skills to achieve their potential. Our volunteer tutors work one-on-one with learners at their pace, free of charge, helping learners reach their goals — be it reading the Bible, getting a better job or living more independently.

Chris Keefer


Guns stop crime and tyranny

The 2nd Amendment became a life and liberty-saving law for Americans when the once sovereign states established the federal constitution and union by ratification. The states established the 2nd Amendment; and only the states – not the president, nor the Congress, nor any court – can legitimately alter or abolish it.

The 2nd Amendment is, first and foremost, about Americans having an established, authorized way to check and resist the natural tendency of their government to abuse and oppress them. It is not mainly about people defending themselves from common criminals, although armed, law-abiding citizens are the best deterrent to crime and to the occasional mass shooter.

The 2nd Amendment expresses the high and sacred right of free Americans to make, purchase, keep and use whatever weaponry is needed to prevent and resist tyranny, whether by government – domestic or foreign, by globalist corporations, or whatever. To maintain freedom, the citizens' defensive weaponry must keep pace technologically with existing threats.

Winston McCuen


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