Letters to the Editor

‘What about Obama?’ Unlike Obama, Trump is demeaning the office of the presidency

I frequently meet people who counter Trump’s wrongdoing with the quip, “Well, what about Obama – no one ever went after him the way they’ve gone after Trump.” Could that be because Obama never acted in a way that caused close scrutiny of his actions? Trump has brought scrutiny on himself. Obama followed the law, respected the civic obligation of subpoenas and did not eagerly accept or seek dirt from foreign countries on political opponents.

Obama never separated children from their parents at the border or closed the government on the backs of federal employees. He had a normal relationship with the truth; he spoke it vs. Trump making up his own truth, i.e., lies.

Trump has demeaned the office of the presidency by likening it to his life as a TV star and CEO when whatever he says goes. The rate at which he has fired key staff and cabinet members exemplifies his narcissistic position that he is always right. Another mantra is “never admit you are wrong.” Why? Because it’s all about winning – coming out on top. Really? Winning is more important than the oath taken?

Get ready – this time he got caught.

Ginny Riga


Democrats’ desire to destroy Trump may backfire

I wonder if the Democrats are aware of the Chinese saying: When you begin a voyage of hatred, dig two graves. The Democrats may eventually take down President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh,but in doing so, I believe they will destroy the Democratic Party. One can only hope!

Lindsay Smith


Democrats only want to talk things that can’t be controlled

While the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party running for office and many of their cohorts want to get rid of fossil fuels, food sources and guns to protect ourselves from bad guys, their idiotic quest to save us from ourselves leaves out an important problem that none has addressed yet.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk in their infinite stupidity are spreading gloom and doom theories that we only have 12 years left on Earth if we don’t change our environment. They all are taking God out of the equation making it sound like they have a foreknowledge about God’s plan for the human race.

Instead of using fear tactics, the Democrats should be worried about a real problem that is looming over our heads regarding the thousands of pieces of floating debris that surrounds our planet. All you have to do is look at a map showing the satellites and space junk that encompass Earth and you will see that there lies a serious problem. Not only do these estimated 500,000 pieces of debris lose orbit, but various countries keep putting up new satellites that add to the junk pile that can fail only to fall back to Earth. I wonder what effects they have on the planet?

Do they eventually block out the sun or affect the magnetic poles, etc.?

I’ve read that there are recycling companies that are being formed to remove the danger to us earth dwellers but nothing is being brought to the public’s attention. The Democrats and the news media would rather talk about plastic straws and stupid tweets than take issue of a real threat to our planet.

Gregory Topliff


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