Letters to the Editor

SC needs a stronger representative in the Senate than Graham

As a two-tour Vietnam combat medic, I have seen war – and it is not pretty. That is precisely why I was alarmed when President Trump picked ultra-hawk John Bolton out of a FOX News lineup to be his national security advisor. Was Bolton to be his conduit to war, or did he just want him to play bad cop?

And what was that with Sen. Lindsey Graham transforming from a truthsayer who called out Donald Trump as a race-baiting, xenophobic bigot to a pitiful man now bowing down on his hands and knees in servitude?

I can see why Graham thought he was riding high in the catbird seat. All he had to do was protect Trump by generating an ostensive display of histrionics in this defense, and Trump would let him tag along. Might he even be appointed to a high-level cabinet post?

It is hard for me not to liken Graham to an oxpecker, a tiny bird who clings to a larger animal for its sustenance. He latched onto McCain with his sharp claws, and is now burrowed in with Trump, but Trump sees right through Graham and will dump him with a tweet on nothing more than a whim.

It is clear now with the firing of John Bolton that Trump has tired of that hawk How soon will it take Trump to be fatigued with Graham with his persistent pleas for war and military action”

I ask, do we really want a war mongering oxpecker to represent us in the Senate?

Joseph Ohnstad

Hilton Head Island

Congress must act against threats to our way of life

Whether you are a Liberal, a Conservative or simply a Moderate, you owe it to yourself and to this great nation to deal honestly with the three major issues that are the top threats to our way of life.

White supremacy is a domestic terrorism threat and should be treated as such. It spawns gun violence, abuse of women and violence in the workplace.

Foreign interference in our elections is a major threat. We need to remove the pervasive and powerful influence of money in our elections at the local, national and foreign level.

We need common sense gun laws which include closing background check loopholes, enacting red flag laws, holding law enforcement accountable for failures and banning high-capacity magazines.

Perhaps the biggest threat to our way of life is a Congress that will not act in the interests of its people. Money and tribalism seem to control them. Inequality and lack of adequate education plague us. Courage, citizens! Study the issues. Don’t just listen to one side. ACT!

Nancy Larsen


Trump is a danger to our democracy

Since becoming president, Donald Trump has led a relentless war on American democracy. One of the key foundations of Western democracies is freedom of the press (First Amendment, U.S. Constitution). Trump continually attacks the press, especially major newspapers and journalists, claiming they represent “fake news.” He aims to destroy the free press, and suggest that he is the only source of truth.

His verbal attacks on his opponents, in and out of government, is not in keeping with normal standards of the presidency. He uses his rallies, for instance, to attack his foes, making the office of the president a bully whip, unlike no other in American history.

Trump’s racist rhetoric, whether aimed at blacks, Latinos or Muslims at home or abroad, is designed to foster exclusion. He favors a White America built on xenophobia and extreme nationalism.

Moreover, his lack of respect for the division of powers in the Constitution makes it clear that he cares little about constitutional democracy, and is interested more in constructing an autocracy based on wealth and privilege. Recently, he declared that he “can do anything under the Constitution.” Trump’s megalomania and extremism is a danger to our democracy.

Wayne Northcutt

Mount Pleasant

Nikki Haley’s socialistic views are all wrong

There is a big difference between socialism in which government owns and operates businesses such as related to communism and policies in some foreign countries. Public programs which benefit the public are envisioned in our constitution and now include social security and Medicare insurance.

They are not socialistic as Nikki Haley may believe. Minimum hourly wage programs are not socialistic either. Is she just hugging Trump for some future role?

Is her political propaganda aimed at radicals and intended to help raise money for those in the 2020 election? Is her new organization aimed at dividing America instead of standing for it?

Also, as a political operative, she seems oblivious to effective government programs for environmental protection and conservation of our natural resources, which are high priorities among young voters. Even her avoidance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts is a serious problem for her. It makes me wonder if she is against vehicle fuel efficiency standards and government programs to protect water and air quality that conservative presidents have historically supported.

Teddy Roosevelt said it well in his 1907 message to Congress: “To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them.”

Nikki Haley has things completely wrong.

Chester Sansbury


US’s budget deficits are unsustainable

Many don’t understand the difference between debt and deficit.

A budget deficit is the difference between what the federal government spends (called outlays) and what it takes in (called revenue or receipts). The national debt, also known as the public debt, is the result of the federal government borrowing money to cover years of budget deficits.

Recently, the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office updated its estimates for the federal budget deficit. CBO now estimates deficits in excess of $1 trillion for next year, and every year thereafter for the next decade. Twenty-one cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed, and that will remain true for the next 10 years (the outer boundary of the CBO estimate).

These annual deficits add to the total debt the federal government owes. We owe $22 trillion today, of which $6 trillion is owed to federal trust funds, like Social Security. At the end of the next decade, we’ll have added another $12 trillion. The debt owed to the public is now 79% of our nation’s annual gross domestic product. In 10 years, CBO estimates, it will hit 95%, the highest percentage of GDP it has been since World War II.


Lisa Savage


Women’s new road to equality is for whites only

With white men accused, sentenced, and prosecuted for abusing and misusing their normal privilege, women have felt more liberated and empowered on this road to equality. Except, it hasn’t included all women, just white women.

From national media to the workplace, white women have heralded their improved freedoms and opportunities for safe places and spaces without a thought to the differently hued women who stand beside them. White males have conceded and society has approved a new emperor above reproach –the never wrong, always the victim, Good Gal who’s as American as apple pie.

From calling the cops and supporting the shootings of black children and individuals to supporting brown children being locked in cages, the Good Gal makes space for herself and those who look like her. Transwomen have been murdered, women who are disabled and non-white are still fighting wage and housing discrimination, and the Good Gal’s new outfit of feminism is locally and nationally quiet on these issues.

My introduction to the Good Gal system made me feel like The Help. Undermined, overworked, underpaid and devalued, but I couldn’t report the Good Gal in this tale. Our boss was her mother-in-law. I resigned.

Jasmine Woodson


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