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Don’t become another SC statistic: Flu shots are worth a few minutes of discomfort

WLTX 19 recently reported that there were already 10 flu-related hospitalizations in South Carolina in the last week of August. As a medical professional, it is concerning that the flu season has gotten off to such an early start.

While every flu season is different, it’s imperative to get ahead of the game and protect yourself and your family with a flu vaccination.

The South Carolina Department of Public Health reported 2,661 flu-related hospitalizations. and 96 flu-related deaths during last year’s flu season.

No one enjoys getting a shot, but the short-term discomfort outweighs the potential for severe illness or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

And, if not just for yourself, then do it for your loved ones. Children and seniors are particularly susceptible to the flu and its complications.

Ask your physician for the vaccination; go to any pharmacy, supermarket or big box store where the shot is offered; or visit www.vaccinefinder.org.

Don’t become another South Carolina flu statistic. Please get your vaccination today.

Robert London, M.D.


Working class told to embrace socialism

Increasingly, we are being told by politicians, Hollywood celebrities and academics that we should embrace a change to socialism. Here’s some things we won’t see.

We won’t see the people of the former East Germany asking that the Berlin Wall, complete with shooting towers, be rebuilt. We won’t see Floridians fashioning makeshift rafts to make the voyage to Cuba.

Sen. Sanders was filmed saying breadlines are good. But we won’t see him in that line. Sen. Warren says we should have free health care. We’ll never see her standing in line for a free flu shot. Mayor de Blasio was reported to long for the city of New York to take control over all apartments in the City, set the rents and determine who lives where. We’ll never see him in a third story walk-up. He’ll remain in his Upper East Side digs.

We’ll never see Michael Moore spend three days on a train ride from LA to New York. He’ll just take his black card and purchase a first class ticket. We’ll never see the academics affected at all by the effects of socialism. Between the faculty manual, the faculty Senate rules and tenure, they will stay inside their quaint cloister flummoxed by why the rest of us just don’t get it.

All these leaders need for us to do is vote, in a nonviolent revolution, or pick up a weapon in a violent overthrow. Otherwise, we proletariat need to stay in our box and enjoy the free stuff.

James Holloway Jr.


Santee Cooper is just not believable

Santee Cooper has credibility issues. One of the latest involves a secret effort by Santee Cooper executives to undermine its sale by entering into negotiations with another utility in violation of the bidding rules established by the legislature in seeking a buyer for the debt-ridden utility.

The failed V.C. Summer nuclear reactor project that left Santee Cooper customers on the hook for a $4 billion hole in the ground involved deception by Santee Cooper leaders. For 18 months they kept secret from legislators, the governor, bondholders and customers a bombshell report that essentially said the project was not viable.

Santee Cooper has been repeatedly stating that its rates will only increase by 7% to start paying back its enormous $7 billion debt. However, before a Senate committee this year Santee Cooper executives had to confess that rates would actually increase by at least 15%.

Now Santee Cooper says no rate increases for five years. Sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true used car ads where the customer always ends up paying much more because of interest charges.

Santee Cooper is just not believable. Customers are still on the hook for the debt. It’s just more smoke and mirrors.

Joe Johnson

Myrtle Beach

Can we rely on Santee Cooper’s sustainable energy promises?

Santee Cooper unveiled their “business forecast” at their board meeting a couple of weeks ago. On its face, the plan looks as though Santee Cooper will be making great strides in using more sustainable energy.

Their strategy includes increasing solar capacity by 500% and adding 100 megawatts of power from a turbine to be fueled by natural gas.

These are all noble pursuits, which our region so desperately needs.

But when you take a closer look at what Santee Cooper plans on doing you have to take a step back and simply ask, “How?”

How can we trust this state agency to do what they say they will do? Santee Cooper’s long history of making big promises with little to no follow through doesn’t give us much hope.

How will it be possible to make these necessary improvements when it has over $7 billion in debt?

How are they going to accomplish their sustainability goals and get out of debt at the same time without raising rates again?

One day I hope our region comes to rely on sustainable energy options. Unfortunately, history has taught us we can’t rely on Santee Cooper to give us those options.

Wayne Mershon

Murrels Inlet

Jordan’s words during Nixon impeachment hearing still rings true

Years ago, during the Watergate crisis involving the impeachment of Richard Nixon, a woman legislator, Barbara Jordan, whose voice was said to have the timbre of the Almighty, spoke to the nation. She said the failure of Congress to follow the rules of the Constitution in regards to presidential behavior meant the end of the constitution. She said the country might as well throw it away if elected officials fail to follow its rules.

Today, we need to listen to her words.

Janet O'Keeffe


Refunds from SCANA won’t buy this political vote

For the second time this year, the political system of South Carolina has afforded me life changing money.

I got a check in the amount of $47 as a result of two debacles. One, the failure of the nuclear project, and the second was the apparent shepherding of the sale of SCANA to Dominion through the PSC by Mr. Speaker.

I wish he had been around to save me from WorldCom, Lucent Tech., Delta Com and a few more. Those companies went bankrupt, and as an investor, I lost my money. Not the owners of SCANA, their customers covered their risk, but – I got $47. I wonder who else got what else.

I must admit I did OK; when I researched political donations by Dominion Energy, I bought Dominion stock and, in 18 months, have profited handsomely. Now another windfall from the governor, what will I ever do with a $50 tax surcee.

I expect Santee Cooper’s (state of S.C.) debt for the nuclear plant, school buses, roads and many other projects will be liabilities for future tax dollars. I will have to return the Ulysses S. Grant currency and many of his brothers. My political vote is for sale, but not for $50. My price is good governance and sound stewardship. Win my vote with integrity, planning and leadership. It is hardly a secret that these qualities are scarce in the S.C. political system.

Richard Morton


Eugene Robinson should drop bias against president, tell both sides

Refencing Eugene Robinson’s article, “Pelosi should move quickly,” on Sept 29: If you want to see an excellent article regarding media bias against the president, then this is it!

After reading 603 words (yes, I counted them), not one syllable was said about Joe Biden’s actual statement (yes, we all heard it) about withholding a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine (while he was VP) unless a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired for investigating the VP’s son for corruption.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden said his statement about Ukraine was already looked into. Really? By who? Joe apparently left that minor detail out for folks like Mr. Robinson to figure out. Hello, Mr. Robinson, are you there?

Mr. Robinson goes on to talk about a trove of evidence against President Trump based on the Mueller Report. If this is true, then why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi already brought an impeachment vote to the House floor? Hmmm, remember Robert Mueller’s poor performance before the House sub committees ... Mr. Robinson?

The Democrats and mainstream media are so desperate to bring down the president, even jaywalking is probably on the table. Yet the mainstream media remains largely silent and one-sided when it comes to accusations against prominent Democrats like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Robinson, you want to influence the 2020 election, then tell both sides of the story. American voters will figure things out like they did in 2016.

Bob Ortiz


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