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Hopefully justice will prevail in Inglis’ complaint about loss of the SC GOP primary

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Oct. 1, 2019 was a great day for South Carolina voters! I would like to sincerely thank and express my gratitude to former Congressman Bob Inglis and businessman Frank Heindel for filing a formal complaint against the S.C. Republican Party and its chairman, Drew McKissick, regarding the loss of the S.C. Republican Presidential Primary election.

I personally contacted Mr. McKissick’s office several times prior to the State Executive Committee’s vote on Sept. 7, as well as emailed several county chairmen to find out what I could do to save our primary and not allow a “no” vote. I got no response from anyone and felt helpless. The illegal decision by the State Executive Committee to ban our Republican primary goes against all S.C. voters’ right to choose and allowed them to make the choice for the people of South Carolina.

I am grateful for Mr. Inglis and Mr. Heindel for being the voices for South Carolina; we deserve to be heard. It is my sincerest hope that through the legal process, that justice will prevail and our primary will be restored. It truly is the only right outcome.

Barbara Boylston


SC needs investor-owned utilities, not politically controlled ones

In the 1930s, state ownership of Santee Cooper was probably a necessity in providing rural electrification for the state. Today, state ownership of this slow, poorly managed government bureaucracy makes no sense.

The political appointees on the Santee Cooper board have made terrible decisions that have left the utility $7 billion in debt, with no way to pay it back except to eventually jack up rates on direct serve and co-op customers.

No one, not even the governor, has the authority to remove these board members.

Because it’s politically controlled, in the midst of this self-inflicted financial crisis, Santee Cooper is still handing out millions of dollars in loans and grants for speculative business deals – all paid for by customers like you and me.

Also, because it’s politically controlled, Santee Cooper is exempted from its rates being regulated by the Public Service Commission, which all investor-owned utilities are subject to.

It’s past time to get our state out of its failed, politically controlled electric utility business. Investor-owned utilities in the state provide lower rates and are much more responsive to customer needs.

Preston Edwards

Murrels Inlet

SC Republicans have a right to vote

I want the Republicans to hold a primary. They are being bullies just like the guy that they say South Carolina wants to vote for. How do they know the majority of S.C. Republicans want to vote for Donnie Chaos without holding a primary? Some of us might want to vote for a decent person. I know I would like to be able to do that.

I want my right to vote for whom I choose to be honored by the party that dominates this state. This is feeling more like communism than democracy. You know: The party picks the candidate and everyone is expected to vote for him.

Who gave those guys the right to cast my vote for me? If you're afraid of the semi-socialists of the Democratic Party and you go along with the Republican junta, go re-read “1984” and enjoy your nasty totalitarian state. It is far worse!

Elizabeth Russell


GOP Party is not the party of the past

This letter is to South Carolinas senators Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott. I am heartbroken. The word of the United States of America is officially dead. Trump and the Republicans have the blood of the Kurds on their hands, and the country has lost its moral compass. I fear there is no coming back from this.

Full disclosure, I am a lifelong Democrat, but I remember a time when the two parties were not so polarized and could engage in civil political discourse. Your party’s constant obeyance of Trump’s impulsive acts is what has brought us to this moment. You have made your party an accomplice to slaughter and treason. I know many Republicans, but the party today is not representative of those I know. It is a sad day for our country.

Lorraine Woodward

Myrtle Beach

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