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Where’s our money going? SC drivers deserve better roads for the money we pay

What does our hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees and vehicle property taxes pay for?
What does our hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees and vehicle property taxes pay for? The State file photo

Where is our money going? This is what I asked myself as my vehicle slammed into a pothole while traveling down the highway.

Every year citizens of South Carolina are required to pay what could amount to hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees and property taxes. Where is this money allocated and how is it being utilized?

Every day, drivers traveling on the highways and public roads have to worry about damaging their vehicles or getting into a traffic accident as a result of the poor conditions of roadways.

With the revenue that property taxes, vehicle registration, and other income that the department of transportation or the department of motor vehicles brings in, one would think that our roads should be kept in better condition. However, this is not the case.

South Carolina roadways have become a mockery of the country. When traveling, there is a common understanding of that defined line at the border between North Carolina and South Carolina when the road turns to what would seem like a rutted back road.

This is unacceptable and the people of this great state deserve better. If the county continues to collect money, then our highways need to improve.

Joseph Farr


SC – a GOP state – punishes the civic-minded citizens

I have a complaint about car taxes. I drive a Toyota Prius, bought so, as a retiree, I could improve the quality of my life by spending less on gas and maintenance.

I just realized that South Carolina is the only state in the union who puts an extra $64 on the registration of my car. I believe it is on all hybrid cars.

The state should not be punishing its citizens for being smart, economical and civic-minded (helping keep S.C. air clean). South Carolina should reward people for usage of more efficient autos.

But this is a GOP state and that is how the GOP works. I used to vote for GOP, voted for Lindsey Graham last time, Tim Scott too, but the last few years have taught me that it is against my best interest (and best interest of all my family) to ever vote GOP again.

Beverly Cruz


Lexington needs tips from Columbia on bad water solution

For weeks, tap water supplied by the Lexington Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission has had a terrible taste and odor. Some have described it as tasting like dirt. Several restaurants in the area no longer serve water or tea because of the bad taste.

I have been to several restaurants in Columbia recently and have been served water which does not have this foul taste.

Since both water providers get their water from the same source, I wonder, what is the Ccity of Columbia doing differently than the Lexington Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission? Perhaps someone from Lexington should ask Columbia what they are doing differently.

Robert Maxwell


Trump is the savior of our lifestyle, preserver of free enterprise

Referring to the “Trump is a danger to our democracy” letter to the editor on Thursday, Oct. 3, the opinions expressed there are pure uninformed garbage. I am amazed that it was chosen for publication.

I see Trump as the only savior of our present lifestyle and the preserver of free enterprise. What are the options? Open borders? Relieve college students of debt they agreed to pay? (What about the poor suckers who financed that department?) Medicare for all including illegal aliens? (Where will that $4 trillion come from?) Free college for all? And other giveaways of the far right Democrats.

Regarding Trump’s claims of fake news, expect news to be slanted in favor of the political beliefs of the writers and owners of the paper. They will ignore news that favors Conservatives. Only 7% of journalists are Republicans. We Republicans simply recognize that major news sources are propaganda arms of the Liberal Party.

Everette Tompkins


Early-stage breast cancer patients are needed as advocates

Oct. 13 was National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Many people do not realize that breast cancer itself does not become deadly until it spreads to other parts of the body, most often the lungs, brain, liver and bones. Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC or stage 4) is not a specific type of breast cancer but rather the most advanced stage. Ninety percent of breast cancer deaths are a direct result of metastatic disease.

Thirty percent of those diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will go on to be diagnosed with MBC – that is one in three early-stage survivors will become terminal. One hundred and sixteen individuals die of MBC each and every day. Of the 3.5 million U.S. people living with a history of breast cancer (all stages), an estimated 155,000 have stage 4 breast cancer.

When the average person thinks about breast cancer, they aren’t thinking about people with MBC. They are thinking about family and friends who had early-stage disease, were treated and, to their knowledge, are fine. To make any meaningful progress in terms of education, awareness and scientific progress, early-stage breast cancer patients are needed to advocate for more research, encourage greater clinical trial participation and address health inequities.

Lisa Wheeler


Betraying US allies is Trump’s biggest mistake

In my opinion, our Sen. Lindsey Graham is correct when he says Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s president is not an impeachable offense, and he is also correct when he says Trump’s betrayal of our Kurdish allies is Trump’s biggest mistake of his presidency. I am sending Sen. Graham a check today with a copy of this letter.

At 76, I have been a lifelong conservative and voted Republican in every presidential election and volunteered to get Mick Mulvaney elected to Congress. However, because of Trump’s despicable betrayal of our Kurdish allies, I will not vote for Trump in 2020, but for either Mark Sanford or write in Nikki Haley. Trump likely made this decision to change the narrative from impeachment to claiming he filled a campaign promise regardless of how many Kurdish lives will be lost. Trump says he will destroy Turkey’s economy if this goes too far, but what good does that do a dead Kurd?

Trump has no loyalty to anyone but himself and is morally unfit to be our leader. I now do not care if he is impeached or not.

Robert Wilder


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