Letters to the Editor

US withdrawal from Syria leaves stain on American conscience

The motto of the Army Special Forces is “De oppresso liber” which means “To free the oppressed.”

Most of the Army Special Forces in Northern Syria are from the 3rd Special Forces Group from Fort Bragg, N.C. The Army Special Forces are comprised of several groups and are some of the best forces in the world. They are well trained and dedicated to accomplish the mission.

Unfortunately, the 3rd Special Forces Group in northern Syria have been ordered by the president to quickly withdraw. This leaves the Kurds, who were allied with the Special Forces, open to slaughter by the Turkish forces, ISIS and the forces of the dictator of Syria. The Kurds feel betrayed by the United States. They trusted us, and we broke the trust. Some of the comments from Special Forces officers relate remorse at orders to abandon their allies and creates a stain on the American conscience.

This is exactly what the Russian government and the Syrian dictator wanted. The credibility of the United States among our important allies is already at a low level. Any withdrawal should be well-planned to create the least possible negative effects. There is bipartisan support in Congress not to withdraw at this time.

David Ramsey


Santee Cooper customers will pay dearly in a couple years

Santee Cooper is trying to make you believe they can pay down the $7+ billion of debt without raising rates. A few weeks ago, they said they’ve got enough money to start paying down the debt and freeze rates for the next five years.

Looks good on paper but the devil is in the details. The two payments Santee Cooper will make come from one-off sources of cash. For the first payment, Santee Cooper will use money from a lawsuit settlement. The second payment will come from money they think they can get for selling the equipment from the abandoned V.C. Summer project. Let’s not forget they were offered money for this equipment a while back and have been paying for its upkeep ever since.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t use those sums of money to pay down their enormous debt, but what I am saying is don’t make customers believe this is a long-term solution to the debt problem. These two payments only get them to 2021 with billions left to be paid back.

Santee Cooper needs to be truthful. Without action, in five years, customers are going to be paying dearly decision to kick the can down the road.

Elizabeth Robinson


Trump knew it was wrong and did it anyway

So I guess all those people who support Trump would have been fine with Obama asking Russia, China and other foreign governments to investigate Mitt Romney for corruption in the run up to the 2012 presidential election.

Our president knows what he has done is wrong, that is why he stonewalls Congress and hid the full transcript of his call with the Ukraine president on a highly classified server (usually these transcripts go to people who work with foreign policy to help them with their jobs).

Trump thinks he can get people to accept his corruption as “normal” if he talks about it long enough and loud enough.

Peter Swanson


Graham, Scott should take stand for country, impeach Trump

I am beseeching Sen. Graham and Sen. Scott to stand up for our great country and its citizens by voting to impeach Trump. They know what he's done, and it is not going to go well for them if they don't vote the right way.

I know my representatives want to stand for the party, but there comes a time when they must stand for our country.

Other countries are laughing at us! We are losing allies all the time because of Trump. He talked to Erdogan and immediately pulled the troops away from Syria, and left our allies, the Kurds, to be killed by Turkish troops.

My elected officials claim to be Christians. Well, I think it’s time for them to act like Christian and stop backing a lying, traitorous, horrible man. Stand with the people of South Carolina.

Lillian Wilson


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