Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

On the State Fair

I am writing to say that the recent panic at the South Carolina State Fair did so much more damage than the news portrays. My boyfriend, his mom, dad, brother and I were all severely impacted by this event — and we are all disappointed by the lack of concern shown by the fair and its officials.

I will never return to the fair, and I am still waiting for a genuine apology for the emotional and physical trauma that hundreds suffered.

McKinley Lovins

Fort Mill

On Santee Cooper

Last year the South Carolina Legislature spent much of its time debating the future of the heavily-in-debt, state-owned utility company Santee Cooper; before that, the Legislature had SCG&E on its plate.

Santee Cooper must be dealt with, and I’m glad there is a process in place to do so. It’s important for the future of our state that Santee Cooper and the other parties involved in this neverending saga stick to the original timeline provided by the Legislature. Any time extension granted to Santee Cooper in this process will be a blow to South Carolina, and a win for the state agency that has proven particularly adept at kicking the can down the road when it comes to attempts at intervention.

Santee Cooper has taken up too much of the Legislature’s time; significant issues like education reform and infrastructure needs have taken a backseat to Santee Cooper for too long. These issues deserve time for debate and action on the State House floor.

Johnnie Bellamy

Myrtle Beach

On science

As a retired biomedical research scientist, I have become increasingly distressed over the past several years as politicians and multiple administrations have misrepresented scientific findings and occasionally even attempted to manipulate scientists.

In an attempt to prevent such interference in scientific matters, the Scientific Integrity Act has been introduced in the House of Representatives and has attracted a total of 229 cosponsors. The Scientific Integrity Act affirms that scientific data are often vital to the development of sound public policies — and that science should be free from political, ideological and financial pressures.

I salute Rep. Jim Clyburn for being the sole representative from our state to cosponsor that bill.

I am a constituent of Rep. Ralph Norman, who is a member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee; I would like to thank Norman for voting to send the Science Integrity Act to the House floor for final approval. I encourage anyone who cares about the integrity of the scientific process — and who believes that scientists should be protected from the influence of special interests — to contact their lawmaker and ask them to support the Science Integrity Act..

Druie Cavender


On gun control

I oppose gun control because it is a subset of pacifism and a naively dangerous worldview. This concept places good citizens in horrific situations with criminals because the criminals know they have unarmed, helpless citizens in front of them. We should avoid the idea of gun control the same way we would avoid the idea of applying poison ivy in an attempt to treat itchy skin.

Danny House

West Columbia

On spam email

I spend about 30 minutes each day getting rid of unsolicited email on my various electronic devices; in the process I have to “unsubscribe” to things I never subscribed to in the first place.Then I will get messages from those who sent the unsolicited email; the messages will all say how sorry they are to see me go.

I hope the marketing geniuses who thought of this are just as annoyed by this as I am. I consider this to be a theft of my personal email address, and it should be illegal.

Tom Roberts