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News Views: Verbatim

- "Boeing has chosen North Charleston!"

Sen. Hugh Leatherman, breaking the news to the Senate

- "Today's announcement declares to the global business community that South Carolina is back in the game and open for business."

House Speaker Bobby Harrell

- "If Mark Sanford goes off to Argentina, people might laugh at us. But what they are seeing now is what's important. It's going to be a story that resonates for decades, rather than the political stories that have been circulating recently."

USC economist Doug Woodward


Way to go on Boeing

The big news Wednesday afternoon was a Dreamliner come true: Boeing has decided to build a massive facility in North Charleston for production of its 787 airliner. That landmark victory for economic development in our community and state will bring thousands of well-paying jobs - an especially impressive and important achievement during these tough times. Many people can claim a fair share of the credit for this triumph. That happy group includes the state lawmakers who, while meeting in an extended session Wednesday, passed an economic incentive package to help lure the aircraft manufacturing giant....

Wednesday's announcement followed state lawmakers' approval of incentives that helped seal the deal. ... It's hard to imagine how we can lose on a deal that adds 3,800 good jobs to the local economy.The Post and Courier

Economic equalizer

If you've been around South Carolina for any length of time you know what a difference BMW made to the economy of the Upstate when it arrived 15 years ago.

This is even bigger.

It is, in fact, the final economic equalizer to the loss we suffered in the early 1990s when we lost the local Navy base and shipyard.

Many people thought that was the end of the world. Turns out it was a wake-up call for a dependent population. Since then we've managed to diversify and actually strengthen our viability.

Ken Burger,

The Post and Courier

Rage against LAC

Corrections Director Jon Ozmint's response to a Legislative Audit Council review of his agency is vitriolic and, at times, petulant. It also raises serious charges about the LAC's integrity that warrant a response from state leaders.

It's important to note that LAC's review of the Corrections Department was unremarkable. The agency essentially dismissed every charge made by Sen. Phil Leventis and members of the Senate Corrections and Penology Committee, who requested the audit because of allegations by current and former employees that ranged from security mishaps to abuse of inmates and misuse of resources. In essence, it vindicated Ozmint.

Ozmint's response, however, strikes at LAC for not disclosing Leventis' role in the audit. In his official written comments that are included as part of the audit, Ozmint said the Sumter senator unduly influenced the audit during the process and that the agency didn't always obey auditing rules.

These serious charges need to be addressed to preserve the integrity and reputation of this respected organization.

The Greenville News


- "A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over."

Benjamin Franklin


- "Happy are they who trust in the Lord! they do not resort to evil spirits or turn to false gods."

Psalm 40:5