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- "Southern gentility was more attractive."

Sen. Lindsey Graham,

on S.C. landing Boeing deal

- "We believe that once all of the facts and the complete story are on the table, people will see that this administration has consistently been a good steward for the taxpayer."

Butch Bowers,

lawyer for Gov. Mark Sanford


Detainees in S.C.

U.S. prison officials are perfectly capable of managing the detainees. South Carolina politicians are rallying to prevent the federal government from sending suspected terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay detention center to the U.S. Navy brig in Charleston. ...

Many of the detainees may be battle-hardened terrorists as DeMint and others claim. But some may be innocent bystanders, caught up in battles in Afghanistan or Iraq or "sold" to American authorities for reward money. ...

We can't be sure why federal authorities might want to transfer the detainees to Charleston. A large number of maximum security facilities are available around the nation to house the prisoners.

If major renovations of Charleston's Navy brig and surrounding facilities would be required to properly hold the prisoners and conduct tribunals, why not send them to a site that already is suitable for that purpose? That said, we do not understand the objection to bringing the detainees to the United States.

The Herald (Rock Hill)

Boeing and S.C.

There's plenty of credit to go around for Boeing's decision to vastly expand its operation in North Charleston by putting a 787 Dreamliner manufacturing plant here, and for the thousands of jobs it will bring. The role of leading legislators has been extensively detailed.

But Boeing's move is a big win for the executive branch, too, and that includes Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor and his staff.

It also includes their boss, Gov. Mark Sanford. ...

While Mr. Sanford hasn't been a fan of incentives, he supported the package for Boeing and, as our news report noted, got involved with making the state's pitch to Boeing executives. There had been some concern that the fallout from the governor's extramarital scandal would create problems for the deal. Fortunately, that didn't prove to be the case.

The Boeing coup ranks with getting BMW to put a major factory in the Upstate. It's a victory for state and local leaders and for economic development officials.

Just make sure that Gov. Sanford is included in that list.

The Post and Courier (Charleston)

Health care

We like the compromise of allowing states to choose or reject public option. In the end, states, as much as the federal government, would be responsible for implementing change. States would have to design a Medicaid expansion and develop high-risk insurance pools to deal with the deluge. ...

In South Carolina, it's logical to think Gov. Mark Sanford would be reluctant to endorse a public option. Sanford didn't want to take federal stimulus money to offset cuts to education, let alone take federal money for health care.

The Morning News (Florence)


- "The quieter you become the more you can hear."

Baba Ram Dass

- "The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us."

Bill Watterson


- "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

Proverbs 16:9