What people are saying

What's being said about David Poole by some of the people he covered in racing:

“David was a devoted husband, father and grandfather, and he was exceptionally passionate about this sport that we all care so deeply for. His voice was unique, his opinions were his own, and his abilities as a writer and journalist were unsurpassed. He had the courage to say what others would not, and he was deeply respected for it.

"Without driving a car or turning a wrench, David Poole was a racer, and he will be sincerely missed.”

- Rick Hendrick, owner, Hendrick Motorsports

“David Poole was a special person and a friend and I miss him already. This is a big loss for the coverage of motorsports. He was truly one of the nation’s best and he always wrote what he believed. Whether you agreed with him or not, he made us all think and that’s what the best writers do. He cared about what he did and had a passion for his work. It came through in what he wrote every day.

"David didn’t always write what was the popular opinion and I have a lot of respect for that. To equal what he did, the Charlotte Observer will probably have to hire three people. The world of racing is going to miss him for a long, long time.”

- Bruton Smith, chairman and CEO, Speedway Motorsports Inc.

"The NASCAR community is stunned and saddened by the loss of David Poole. David was as passionate about NASCAR as anyone and had very definitive opinions about the sport. ...

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family and friends. He will be missed.”

Brian France, NASCAR chairman and CEO

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of NASCAR beat writer David Poole. Our thoughts go out to his wife, Katy, and his entire family. Our sympathy also goes to everyone in the NASCAR community – David’s extended family.

“It is extremely difficult to put into words the impact David Poole had on our sport. His talents went beyond the ability to craft mere words into a story. David had a gift for debate that drove fans wild, and he was sometimes as entertaining as the action on the track. He was a passionate racing fan and cared deeply for the sport he treasured.

"His passion was evident in the countless hours he invested from the earliest of wake-up calls for his live SIRIUS show to the latest of nights at the track to meet his deadline for the Charlotte Observer. David was a staple in the sport and always will be remembered as a NASCAR legend. He will be missed."

- Sprint, title sponsor of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

“The motorsports world lost one of its most definitive and influential reporters with the passing of David Poole this morning. He was a true friend to the sport of NHRA ... and his interest grew exponentially when we announced we were bringing our series to the Charlotte area.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this very difficult time.”

- Tom Compton, National Hot Rod Association president

“David had the unenviable task of following in the footsteps of legendary motorsports journalist Tom Higgins. His success came from bringing his own style, direction, unique vision and perspective to his coverage of motorsports. David always spoke his mind and wasn't afraid to hold people accountable. He was always fair and made us better at what we did.

"We will miss David's spirit, generosity, principles, and friendship. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife, Karen, and his entire family."

- Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway

“David was a powerful and prolific voice in NASCAR as a result of his role at The Charlotte Observer. He called me just last night and we talked for a while about a column he was working on so this is very stunning to me. The thing I liked about David was that you could argue a counterpoint to his thoughts and while he might argue his point vociferously he had an open mind to understand your position. Even if he still disagreed, he would respectfully concede the validity of your position. I’ve lost a friend and colleague, the sport lost a prescient voice but, worst of all, the Poole family lost a vital member.”

- Eddie Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway

“The staff at Auto Club Speedway is saddened to learn of the passing of David Poole. His passion, knowledge and dedication to motorsports will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues.”

- Auto Club Speedway President Gillian Zucker

“David Poole became one of the most influential voices in NASCAR during his 13 years covering the sport as a journalist and broadcaster. It’s a great professional loss for NASCAR and the journalism profession.

"I have known David since our days as classmates at the University of North Carolina and worked closely with him during my time as media relations manager for R.J. Reynolds. David was well-respected within the NASCAR community. Our prayers go out to his wife, children and grandson.”

- Las Vegas Motor Speedway President Chris Powell

“I am shocked and saddened to hear the news that our sport has lost David Poole. My thoughts go out to his family. He was someone who loved our sport and wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion. That’s what made him one of the most respected members of our media. I know I worked twice as hard to make sure I earned his respect.

"I am proud of what he has done for our sport and I know he will be truly missed by everyone in NASCAR.”

- Driver Jimmie Johnson “The motorsports world suffered a great loss today with the passing of David Poole. David will forever be regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and talented writers in his profession and for good reason.

"Throughout his career as a motorsports journalist, David provided unparalleled insight and coverage. His family is in the thoughts and prayers of all of us at Richmond International Raceway.”

- Richmond International Raceway President Doug Fritz

“David Poole was as much a fixture in this sport as the actual cars themselves. As someone fortunate enough to make a living doing what I love, I am indebted to David for the exposure he generated for our sport for 13 years, and the direct connection he had with the NASCAR fan base.

"He was a one-of-a-kind individual and an extremely talented writer. Our condolences go out to David’s family and friends. He will be missed.”

- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“This is an extremely sad loss. David Poole was a dear friend, not only to his colleagues in the media but to myself personally and the entire Earnhardt family. We could count on David for so many things, whether it be his coverage of our teams and business endeavors, or simply his unique ability to offer encouragement and support when it was needed most.

"My heart and prayers go out to David’s family, especially to the joy of his life – his grandson Eli.”

- Kelley Earnhardt, vice president and general manager, JR Motorsports

“David was one of the reporters that I truly enjoyed talking to. He never shied away from asking the tough question but was always fair in the way he reported and for that he was respected throughout the garage. We here in Charlotte and in the NASCAR community have lost a great advocate for our sport. ”

- Felix Sabates

“David Poole was every bit as much a part of the fabric of NASCAR as some of the great drivers have been. His impact on the sport of NASCAR was tremendous. He will be sorely missed by all of us.”

- Chip Ganassi

"I am very saddened to hear of David Poole’s passing. My thoughts are with his wife and family, and you – his extended circle of colleagues and friends.

"David was THE authority on NASCAR and I could tell by his columns and the way he covered NASCAR that he had a true and honest passion for our sport and the people in it. He made our sport better by expecting as much out of us as he did himself and, believe me, he was never shy about holding us to his standard.

"He made a significant impact on our business and I know that he will be missed. I, for one, will miss seeing him in the media centers, reading his columns and listening to his commentary."

- Roger Curtis, president, Michigan International Speedway “The entire Daytona International Speedway staff is saddened by the news of the passing of David Poole. David’s stature and influence put him atop his profession and his talent and colorful personality will be greatly missed not only at Daytona but other race tracks across the country.”

- Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to David's family. He was a friend of everybody in the garage area. He could be controversial from time to time but he always wrote and spoke what he believed. He didn't pull any punches with anybody and that's what people respected about him. He was good for the sport and will be missed."

– Richard Childress, president and CEO, Richard Childress Racing

“David worked his ass off for our sport, whether it was in his writing or on his radio show. His life revolved around the sport and we're obviously very saddened by the loss. He will be missed.”

– Driver Clint Bowyer

"I've gotten to know (David) Poole really well over the years. He spent a lot of time with the No. 31 team every weekend and would sit and have conversations with us on just about everything. He was fun to agree and debate with.

"I admired his professionalism and work ethic and he did a great job of reporting our sport to the fans. He's someone I have a lot of respect for and he will definitely be missed."

– Drive Jeff Burton

“DeLana and I are were both saddened and shocked to hear that we lost David Poole today. He was a unique individual that always said and wrote exactly what he felt, even if his opinion wasn’t very popular. I always respected that about him. He had a passion for this sport, and his legacy will live on for years to come.”

– Driver Kevin Harvick

"David was a great person. I loved being on his radio shows because he always found a way to make you laugh during the interview. He always made you feel like you were best buds that had known each other for years. He was a superb writer that always had creative angles to make a story the best it could be.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this difficult time. We'll all miss seeing his face in the garage area. It's a sad day for our NASCAR community to lose this incredible writer and dear friend."

– Driver Stephen Leicht

"David Poole was a professional and his passing is a big loss to our sport. I always had a very good working relationship with David. He always knew when the right time to approach a driver was and when it wasn't.

"He was a fair and objective reporter and someone who I had a great deal of respect for. I always appreciated his no nonsense approach. My thoughts and prayers are with his family."

– Driver Casey Mears