Trolley: Champions crowned at USC event

More than 150 players participated in the South Carolina Closed Championships for adults, an event hosted by USC on Aug. 21-23. Results from the finals:

Men's open doubles: Brooks and Luke Whiteside def. Steve Cook and Ralph Walker; men's open singles: Taavo Roos def. Will Johnson; mixed open doubles: Dina Brandon and Will Johnson def. Jesse and Peggy Dunagan; mens 2.5 singles: Russell Price def. Christopher Wofford; men's 3.0 singles: Ivo Vanderzipp def. James Jeffers; men's 3.5 singles: Christopher Cleveland def. John Hewett; men's 4.0 singles: Bryan Wingard def. Gerald Sitton; women's 2.5 singles: Heather Roth def. Tammy Mainwaring; women's 3.0 singles: Jen Coody def. Virginia Kuhn; Courtney Whitlow def. Melissa Stevens; women's 4.0: Kaylin Haack def. Kimberly Cotton. Men's 2.5: Russell Price and Jeff Wade; men's 3.0: Jase Strickland and Ivo Vanderzipp; men's 3.5: Lucas Berresford and Troy Newton; men's 4.5: Jamie Freeman and Jim Wescott; women's 2.5: Tammy Mainwaring and Page Wade; women's 3.0: Corrina Kleemoff and Tina Saxon; women's 3.5: Marlene Neal and Amanda Willoughby; women's 4.0: Dina Brandon and Suzanne Hanks; mixed 3.0: Carrie and Allen Amick; mixed 3.5: Lucas Berresford and Cricket Poston; mixed 4.0: Edward Coker and Kell Culclasure.

Rising Stars. Spring Valley Country Club hosted a Rising Stars event on Aug. 15. Winners were:

boys 16 singles: Micah Thomas; boys 14 singles: Trey Edmonds; boys 12 singles: Blake Elam; boys 10 singles: Graham Kemper; girls 16 singles: Krista Inman; girls 14 singles: Cindy Muller; coed 8 singles: Whitney Crawford.

Labor Day. Topspin Country Club in Lexington hosted its annual Labor Day Classic from Sept. 4-7.

Open division winners

Men's singles: Cal Hilsman; men's doubles: Carlos Lozano and Charly Rasheed.

Singles Results

Men's 35: Jamie Benefield; mens 40: Hugh Grey; men's 50: Jeffrey Thomas; men's 55: Jim Hinson; men's 60: Keith Whitlow; men's 65: Emile Rasheed; men's 70: Dave Greenslade; men's 75: Joe Roberts; men's 80: Kurt Wassen. women's 2.5: Tammy Mainwaring; women's 3.0: Caroline Ward; men's 3.0: Ivo Vanderzipp; men's 3.5: Benton Young; men's 4.0: Gerald Sitton.

Doubles Results

Mixed 6.0: Carrie and Allen Amick; mixed 7.0: Anne Blackmon and Daniel Hylton; mixed 8.0: Pat and Martha Hanks; men's 45: Gary Bible and Stephen Henry; men's 50: Bruce Cutler and Marshall Moore; men's 55: Tommy Bunch and Michael Martin; men's 60: Bud Goodrich and Drew Loftis; men's 3.0: Christopher Fediricci and James Jeffers; men's 3.5: Joe Brannon and Chuck Mikell; women's 2.5: Tammy Mainwaring and Sheri Thompson; women's 3.0: Tonya Lee and Jennifer Qualls; women's 3.5: Stacy Gajewski and June Holstrum.


Thursday-Saturday, Combo Classic at Cobblestone Park, 803-714-2631

Sept. 25-27, Rockbridge Junior Tennis Classic, 803-782-3559

Oct. 16-18, Cobblestone Park Junior Fall Championships, 803-714-2631