SEC/ACC football poll

As voted on by writers from The Charlotte Observer (Ron Green Jr. and Ken Tysiac), The (Columbia) State (Paul Strelow) and The (Raleigh) News and Observer (J.P. Giglio and Edward G. Robinson III). A first-place vote is worth 24 points, second place is 23 points, etc., with first-place votes in parenthesis.

Votes Last week

1. Florida (5) 120 1

About to test any SEC policy on corporal punishment

2. Alabama 105 2

You think the Tide regret being spurned by Rich Rodriguez?

3. Mississippi 110 T-3

The notion of Jevan Snead being underrated has grown overrated

4. LSU 107 T-3

Two games to restore the defense before the fireworks begin

5. (tie) Georgia Tech 92 6

Speaking of illegal deception, Jackets' defense soon to be exposed

5. (tie) Virginia Tech 92 5

Tyrod Taylor's two TD passes vs. Marshall match last year's total. Not a misprint.

7. Georgia 91 T-7

Branden Smith's 61-yard reverse elicited images of Herschel Walker's speed

8. Miami 89 T-7

Usually ACC teams move up in these rankings when they don't play

9. South Carolina 68 T-11

Last week Steve Spurrier said he didn't want to throw 50 times; Joe Wilson: "You lie!"

10. North Carolina 67 9

What does it say about the offense when your hopes rest on the health of a tight end?

11. Tennessee 63 T-11

Lane Kiffin as Evander Holyfield on ESPN commercial: Come get your whuppin'

12. Florida State 62 10

Seminoles struggle against Jacksonville. Wait, that wasn't the NFL's Jags?

13. Auburn 60 17

Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn worth every penny from booster Bobby Lowder's fallen bank

14. Clemson 58 T-13

Illegal deception, Part II: So much for these Tigers faring THAT differently

15. Arkansas 55 T-13

Quarterback Ryan Mallett will be a household name by season's end

16. Kentucky 43 15

Had an extra week to prepare to extend Louisville's downfall

17. (tie) N.C. State 41 18

Should rocket to the top of the FCS poll following another lopsided victory

17. (tie) Vanderbilt 41 16

This is one team that would take back Jay Cutler

19. Boston College 34 20

Coordinator Gary Tranquill was 39 when Clemson's play-caller, Billy Napier, 30, was born

20. Wake Forest 32 21

When your top two rushers are receivers, criticizing the O-line becomes fair game

21. Mississippi State 28 19

Not good when your new coach already is calling out the D-coordinator for lack of adjustments

22. Maryland 19 22

Terps surrendering points (87 in two games) like coach Ralph Friedgen lost pounds.

23. Duke 10 23

If there's a QB controversy and no one witnesses it, is it still a controversy?

24. Virginia 5 24

Team avoided swine-flu outbreak, but Cavs still smelling like a hog farm