Warner has been where Delhomme is

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner said Jake Delhomme needs to understand he's not alone as he struggles through the most difficult period of his career.

"I went through some tough stretches where it seemed like everything went against me," Warner said. "Even though it wasn't always me - it seemed like every tipped ball got intercepted, every time there was a miscommunication between me and somebody, it was intercepted. Every time I got hit, the ball popped out. Everything spiraled downhill."

Warner, a friend and former teammate of Delhomme's when they played in NFL Europe, said he relied on friends, family and teammates to pull him through the tough times.

"I think leaning on people around me, surrounding myself with people who are positive, not people who say I can't play any more, is important," Warner said.

- David Scott, Charlotte Observer