Guesspert: #SB44, tweet by tweet

EVERYONE'S GOT A busy weekend lined up, right?

Sunday means parties, nachos, beer, prop bets. A life-altering beverage commercial or two. And once that's done after "Meet the Press," there's Super Bowl XLIV to look forward to.

Actually, using Roman numerals to denote the Super Bowl is about as old-fashioned as waiting in line for a new Harry Potter book. If you're so hip and with it that you own four pairs of 3-D glasses from seeing "Avatar" that many times, you know to refer to the big game as #SB44.

Because that's the "hash tag" that lets Twitter users across the Twitterverse know that you're making a comment about the 44th edition of the Superest of Bowls via your Twitter account.

Speaking of Twitter, you're not going to believe this: Someone from the future e-mailed me today all the Twitter updates I made (scratch that: will make) during the game.

No, I don't know how e-mail from the future got in my inbox. But I heard Facebook is about to go through another redesign, and maybe sending you stuff that you will eventually type is one of its new functions.

At any rate, copying and pasting my future Twitter updates means one fewer column I'll have to invent on my own. Ready, set, tweet!

HardyVision: Game time! #SB44 is going to make #SB43 look like #SB12.

Nat'l Anthem sung by #CarrieUnderwood. Thinking she lip-synched, because she blew her nose halfway thru but her voice kept going

#Saints win coin toss. Or was that a 2-headed #MardiGras doubloon? Either way, they will receive

Yeow! #ReggieBush runs kickoff 97 yds for TD! This probably means they'll lose 52-7

Ingenious: #Colts drive starts with 3 straight run plays, gain 1st downs each time. Don't they trust Peyton's arm?

Ah, #Manning connects with #ReggieWayne to the #Saints 7 yd line. All the fireworks we expected

Fireworks over, #Colts settle for FG. It's 7-3 with 10:52 left in 1Q

Jackpot! #DrewBrees connects w/ Colston for 80yd TD pass. Good thing it's not raining in Miami to keep this track meet going

#Manning is now breaking the huddle as monsoon settles in. Then again, he's won #SB41 in rain before

Oops, #TracyPorter jumps on #Garcon route for a Pick6. Now it's 21-3 #Saints. Can't #Peyton see in the rain?

I don't believe what I just saw! Oh wait, yes I do.

Didn't understand #TimTebow commercial. If all babies grow up to be QBS like him, who would be around to catch the jump passes?

It's middle of 2ndQ, and #Colts have only scored 3 FGs. Wonder if #Manning told #TonyDungy to bet the under?

#Saints end half w/ brilliant 2minute drill. #JeremyShockey celebrates 7yd TD catch by getting new tattoo in endzone. Saints 28, #Colts 9

Watching #TheWho halftime show. Wow, they're old. Is this #SB44 or #10,000B.C.?

My #EvilTwinOrville wants to see a commercial where #BrettFavre sells insurance to retired #NFL players

#Manning has been on fire to start 2nd half. Nine straight completions to 6 receivers. Not done yet, #Saint 28, #Colts 16

Ugh. Have eaten so many different flavors of #Doritos my mouth now tastes like powdered cheese recycling plant

#Bush fumbles on own 24yd line! #DwightFreeney scoops+scores! But breaks ankle during endzone dance. That's irony for ya#Saints 28 #Colts 23

Final play of 3Q: #GarrettHartley boots 63yd FG. Somewhere, #TomDempsey smiles. #Saints 31 #Colts 23

Getting sick of #LaneKiffin publicity stunts. He claims #PeytonManningsUnbornSon has committed to play for Trojans.

#Manning fooled #Saints D by not calling one audible during entire 90yd TD drive. Insanity. #Saints 31 #Colts 29, 58 seconds left

#Colts 2pt conversion to tie fails when #Manning trips over his own audible.

#Colts with onside kick attempt ... #Saints recover! Ball is lodged in #RobertMeachem's facemask and he falls out of bounds.

#Brees takes knee, will be MVP w/326yds passing. Congrats #NOSaints for winning #SB44, 31-29. How did our ancestors follow SB w/o Twitter?

Lost $400 by betting on #Manning, but at least #Dennys promises free #GrandSlam breakfast on Tuesday