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Boulware addresses social media post about Watson

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware answers questions during Fiesta Bowl media day on Thursday.
Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware answers questions during Fiesta Bowl media day on Thursday. The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware feels some Tigers players get overlooked due to Deshaun Watson’s success, particularly by Clemson’s social media team.

At Media Day last week, the Clemson football instagram account posted a photo with the caption “DW4 holding court at team media day.” Boulware commented on the photo “@clemsonfb at DW4 day at DW4 University on DW4 FB instagram.”

The picture was later taken down. Boulware addressed his post earlier this week in Arizona.

“Deshaun is a big reason to our success. He’s obviously been a Heisman finalist for two years in a row. People do think that he is the savior of our world and he is the reason for everything we’ve done,” Boulware said.

He made it clear that Watson does not feel that way and he has no problem with Watson, his issue is with Clemson’s social media team.

“Our media guys follow him around like no other. If he breathes or coughs, they’re videoing. They put that up. There was like 20 guys at media day and it was like ‘Deshaun at media day,’ ” Boulware recalled. “I was like ‘The rest of the team was here too.’ So I was like ‘DW4 at DW4’s media day, at DW4 University.’ Jay Guillermo actually sent it to me, and Jay wouldn’t say it so I said it.”

Boulware was asked if he was worried he might get in trouble for the comment and made it clear he is not.

“What are they gonna do? Not play me because I commented on a picture?” he said. “I think they deleted the picture after I commented that, cause they were like, ‘He’s probably right. We probably post a little too much.’ But I’m gonna say what I want. I’m not worried about that.”


Watson is rushing about four less times per game than he did last season, but Clemson players and coaches say that is not by design.

Tigers co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott said Clemson is taking what the defense gives it.

“I think people spent a lot of time this offseason studying what we’re doing on offense and said, ‘Ok, the key to them is to stop the quarterback run and make them make the competitive plays down the field,’” he said.

Because of that, Watson is passing more, averaging nearly five more attempts per game.


Clemson receiver Deon Cain said he did not watch last year’s national championship game after being sent home from Miami prior to the Orange Bowl. Instead, he received updates when notifications were sent to his phone.

“I just really wasn’t in the mood to watch it because I knew my teammates needed me out there and I knew they’d perform well,” he said. “I couldn’t really get to it because I was busy during the day chilling with my family and all of that.”