Clemson University

3 questions with QB Cullen Harper

Q: Which quarterbacks have you idolized?

A: I grew up watching Brett Favre and loving what he did. But really in the past couple of years, I've watched Tom Brady. I really like how he plays, his attitude toward the game and the way he carries himself. So that's who Ive tried to model my game after.

Q: Give us your mythical Heisman Trophy ballot?

A: If I had a Heisman vote, well, Tim Tebow's done some things over at Florida. He carries that team and sometimes he'll run 25 times a game and throw it 25 times. Darren McFadden's the next guy, but I would go with Tebow. Got to give it to the quarterback.

Q: Perhaps a tougher question who would get the vote for all-ACC quarterback, you or Boston College's Matt Ryan?

A: Well, obviously I have a lot of confidence in myself. And I don't have that vote. But, you know, I think Matt Ryan is a great quarterback. I'm not going to shy away from it being a big game, that's for sure.