Clemson University

Foster: Clemson timetable is three weeks

Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster talked to a few of their local media tonight, his first media availability since interviewing for the Clemson job Friday.

Here’s what he had to say, courtesy of Kyle Tucker from the Virginian-Pilot:

ON THE CLEMSON HEAD-COACHING INTERVIEW: “I did interview. There’s an interest on both parts, and we’ll just see where it goes from there. I’m one of several potential candidates for the job and we’ll see where it goes here in another week or so. That’s all I know, and that’s all I can say.”

ON THE TIMETABLE THE CLEMSON OFFICIALS GAVE HIM FOR A DECISION: “Within the next three weeks, probably. We had a good meeting, and that’s it.”

ON WHETHER HE HAS CONSIDERED WHAT HE’D DO IF HE GOT THE JOB BEFORE TECH’S BOWL GAME: “No, not necessarily. Right now, that’s all I’m saying about it. We’re getting ready for Duke.”

ON WHEN AND WHERE THE INTERVIEW HAPPENED: “It was Friday. It was here in Virginia. They came up here. In Roanoke. That’s it, OK.”

ON WHETHER HE TOLD THE DEFENSE ABOUT HIS CLEMSON INTERVIEW BEFORE THE MIAMI GAME: “No. Coach Beamer announced it to the team after the game. He asked me for my permission. I didn’t find anything out until the last moment. We wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to come out in the media and not tell those kids first. They’re the ones that it’s important to.”