Clemson University

Booker a tad miffed at lack of opportunities

Some quick post-game UNC notes and thoughts.

That’s the fourth straight game Clemson’s offense has sputtered, and I think it all centers around the inability to get forward Trevor Booker the ball in the low post.

Sometimes, such as against Wake, the problem is as much Booker’s fault’s as anyone. He tends to not hold his post position very long, and when he gets flustered at the lack of opportunities, he floats to the perimeter.

Booker did a good job of staying grounding and making himself available vs. UNC. But Clemson’s wings frequently failed to get Booker the ball when he was open. I can recall specific cases when Andre Young, Demontez Stitt and David Potter all couldn’t find the gumption or angle or whatever they thought they needed to even try the entry pass.

And you get the sense Booker’s getting frustrated about it.

“We didn’t play inside-out, we didn’t play tough, and we lost,” Booker said.

“I just couldn’t get the ball. I’m not sure what (North Carolina) were doing. I thought I was open a couple of times. I just couldn’t get the ball.

“I feel like we need to get me the ball. Every time I got the ball, something good happened. So hopefully we work on it.”

Sophomore guard Terrence Oglesby basically agreed.

“Part of it is the guards’ fault,” Oglesby said. “We’ve got to get the ball in to Trevor. They’re doubling him a lot, and we’re not rotating like we should. We’ve got to do a better job of getting him the ball.”


Man, is sophomore point guard Demontez Stitt in a funk.

1-for-7, 3 turnovers, 0 assists in 20 minutes … and that line is becoming more the rule than the exception.

There might be some fans waiting for Oliver Purnell to insert freshman Andre Young, who isn’t exactly doing much better at getting Clemson in its offense.

But the Tigers have to hold tight and just hope Stitt regains his confidence. Stitt has quite a bit more potential than Young, and when Stitt is playing fast and decisive, he can be a difference-maker.

If Clemson’s going to retain its apparent footing as the ACC’s fourth-best team, it needs Stitt to rebound.


There was minimal discussion of “The Streak” from either team, mostly because players and coaches truly seem to get sick of the storyline.

“Every time we play them, we see it on ESPN,” UNC junior point Ty Lawson said. “First year, 0-52. Last year, 0-53. We see it, but we can’t buy into it and think we’re automatically going to beat them.

”I don’t want to be on the team that loses. I want to keep the tradition going as long as we can. Hopefully they never win here.”