Update on commit's legal situation

Edward Muldrow
Edward Muldrow

South Carolina commitment Edward Muldrow III of South Gwinnett High (Ga.) hopes to clear his name of multiple charges stemming from a traffic stop last month by early 2011.

Muldrow, a prep linebacker slated to play USC’s “Spur” position, was jailed on Nov. 23 in Gwinnett County (Ga.) and charged with driving a vehicle with expired tags, driving with a suspended license and possession of a drug.

This is how his father, Edward Muldrow II, explained the charges against his son:

- He said his son was driving his mother’s car and her tags were two days out of date.

- He said that his son was pulled over earlier this fall for running a stop sign and forgot about his court date, prompting officials to suspend his license. When Muldrow was pulled over in November for expired tags, police added the suspended license charge, the father said.

- The drug charge stemmed from a prescription pill that police found in the car during the November traffic stop that belonged to the father, Muldrow II said.

“That’s pretty much the story,” the father said. “There’s not much more to it.

“We’re going to have to pay the fines and that should be it. Once we can do that, it’s pretty much a done deal.”

Muldrow has a court date in early January and hopes to pay fines to clear his name.

The father alerted USC’s coaches shortly after the arrest to ensure that they didn’t think the family was trying to hide the incident. He said the Gamecocks still plan to honor his scholarship.

Muldrow committed to USC last summer.