David Cloninger

Thumbs up, thumbs down: USC vs. Mississippi State


Perry Orth

His numbers weren’t good, but Orth kept getting up after Mississippi State was using his body for a backstop.

A.J. Turner

The Gamecocks couldn’t pass-block so they wanted to run the ball. Turner’s the best runner, and like Orth, he kept getting back up. Turner found the end zone in the second half on a pass from Brandon McIlwain.

Mother Nature

The 45-minute lightning delay gave the Gamecocks a chance to further rest and regroup. Not that it showed.


The Gamecocks’ first recovered turnover of the season was a T.J. Holloman interception.


First-half offense

Running read-option with an immobile QB isn’t the best choice (not that the Gamecocks had a better one)

Offensive line

Nobody seemed too interested in protecting the guys who have to score the points, which may explain why nobody could early in the game.

Wrapping up

All the things the Gamecocks did well at Vanderbilt last week, tackling-wise, were gone this week.


Deebo Samuel was shaken up on the first play, and Chaz Elder left in the first quarter and didn’t return. Blake Camper was lost on the first series of the second half.