David Cloninger

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: USC vs. Georgia


Deebo Samuel

That’s the guy USC designed its offense around. Everyone saw what he can do – when he’s healthy.

Sean Kelly

He had one shanked punt that gave Georgia great field position, but overall boomed USC out of trouble. His long was 57 yards.

Perry Orth

He was supposed to throw the ball and did, completing 26-of-36 for 288 yards with a pick. If only he could have run some.

Bryson Allen-Williams

He led the team with nine tackles and had one for loss.


Front seven

Georgia was only 18 yards away from having three backs with 100 yards each. That’s deplorable.

Running game

USC had 30 yards for the game. Yes, Orth took 39 yards worth of sacks, but to gain only 75 yards on 26 attempts was poor enough.

Special teams

It continues to be an adventure. Hayden Hurst didn’t catch the one punt hit to him, letting it bounce past him inside the 5. Then, the Gamecocks didn’t touch an onside kick return for a game-icing touchdown.


For whatever reason, the crowd seemed listless. I realize there were extenuating circumstances, but for a rivalry game on a beautiful fall afternoon, there wasn’t a lot of get-up-and-go.

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