David Cloninger

Gamecocks’ depth chart a work in progress

Kelsey Griffin had two sacks against North Carolina. That impact can’t be understated after South Carolina was apparently cursed by the Lords of No-Sack in 2014.

Yet he wasn’t listed as a starter on Monday’s depth chart? Why?

Because it’s not Saturday.

“I don’t like getting into the depth chart stuff until we get closer to the game time,” line coach Deke Adams said. “They can get jobs, lose jobs, all in a matter of days if they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do.”

The depth chart is something to put in the game notes, to let the other team (and its writers) know who is probable to line up where. It’s not chiseled in concrete.

USC isn’t being sly about it – it’s that it doesn’t know. Griffin and a lot of others played well against North Carolina, and that definitely earns a star, but a start might be another matter.

Positions will be decided after Thursday’s practice. There are still two practices to go. Everybody is expected to display their best effort, and when taken with matchups and how the other team plays (constant rotation for fresh legs was crucial against the hurry-up Tar Heels), a starting lineup is chosen.

Griffin played well against UNC. Maybe that translates into another start – but a week of practice after UNC plays more into it than the UNC game.

“It’s a work in progress every day,” Adams said. “He did a good job when he got opportunities in the game.”