David Cloninger

Thumbs up, thumbs down: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt



T.J. Holloman, Jonathan Walton and Bryson Allen-Williams played marvelous games. They stayed in their gaps and were on Ralph Webb like sprinkles on a sundae.

Sean Kelly

USC’s reigning team MVP, Kelly punted the Gamecocks out of trouble and pinned Vandy inside its 20 for most of the first half.

A.J. Turner

After screwing up the opening kickoff, Turner showed why he won the No. 1 running back job. When he got the ball, he usually produced.


Over 7,000 tickets were gobbled up by Gamecock fans who came to a road game on a Thursday.


Offensive line

Supposed to be the strength of the Gamecocks, the O-line was pushed around and never opened holes for the running game.


USC’s play-calling was designed to be careful and controlling. Yet the Gamecocks didn’t have the lead and couldn’t afford to play it safe.


USC kept shooting itself in the foot with flags that wiped out gains. Cory Helms held on the year’s first snap.

Jamari Smith

He dropped three balls, two which hit him right in the hands. He stuck on offense in camp while Javon Charleston, who looked decent catching passes, was switched to defense.

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