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Gamecock Club giving levels going up in 2016

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A five-percent increase in annual Gamecock Club donation levels, with the exception of the Roost level, has been reinstated for the 2016 giving year, the Gamecock Club Board of Directors announced Thursday.

It is the third increase in Gamecock Club annual donation levels since 1989, and the first since 2008.

“The Board of Directors felt it was important to manage the donation structure of the Gamecock Club by ensuring that we continue to equip our student-athletes with the academic and athletic tools that will assist them in succeeding in the classroom and field of play,” said Patrick McFarland, Director of the Gamecock Club.

“The Gamecock Club has a great history of providing financial support for our student-athletes, whether it be tuition and fees, room and board, books or other education needs,” said USC AD Ray Tanner. “It will be a benefit to us as we begin to address the impact of the new NCAA legislation benefitting Cost of Attendance needs for student-athletes at Carolina.”

The Gamecock Club Board of Directors represents the 45 local chapters throughout South Carolina and 16 out-of-state chapters that comprise the over 18,000 members of the Gamecock Club.


The Gamecocks Club donation levels:

Level Current 2016
Diamond Spur $30,000    $31,500
Platinum Spur $15,000 $15,750
Golden Spur $10,000 $10,500
Garnet Spur $7,000 $7,350
Silver Spur $3,300 $3,500
Full Scholarship    $1,500 $1,600
Half Scholarship $725 $760
Roundhouse $385 $400
Century $165 $175
Roost $55 $100