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The first thing Will Muschamp looks for in recruits at summer camps

When Will Muschamp’s football camps begin in June, South Carolina’s head coach will head to the field with a checklist, a series of checklists, actually, even if they’re only his head. The Gamecocks will hold a series of camps for high school players in order to help young players develop and to help Muschamp evaluate and recruit.

South Carolina has a set of position-specific criteria for every position on the field, but there’s one thing Muschamp looks for first on the field during camps no matter the position, he said.

“Work ethic,” he said. “I want to see a guy work.”

The Gamecocks encourage every player they are recruiting to come to one of their camps so that they can see them in person and not just on tape.

“You can get fooled by the film,” he said.

The film also doesn’t show intangibles, such as how a player reacts to aggressive coaching.

“We coach them extremely hard in camp,” he said. “There will be some guys who don’t really want to work and if they don’t really want to work, they don’t need to come to our place. We work them just like we are going to work our guys in August camp. Coachability, learnability and football IQ and they are willing to work.”