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No gain: NCAA says Lattimore can’t work for USC football

Marcus Lattimore
Marcus Lattimore

Marcus Lattimore will forever be an ambassador for South Carolina football, but it won’t be as an official part of the program.

The NCAA has stated that Lattimore cannot join Will Muschamp’s staff at USC due to Lattimore’s status as a former player and his presence through football camps and foundation. The NCAA considers it an unfair recruiting advantage.

[Lattimore issues statement about NCAA decision]

Lattimore, who will graduate from USC next month, was never going to coach but was going to speak to the team about life off the field and beyond the game, such as he does through The Marcus Lattimore Foundation. Muschamp contacted Lattimore about some kind of position with the team before he was ever hired, wanting the Gamecocks’ career leader in touchdowns around in some capacity.

Lattimore can still speak to the team and be on the program’s periphery, but he can’t be named to a staff position. There would be nothing to stop Muschamp from hiring Lattimore as a coach, but Lattimore has consistently said that he doesn’t think he would want to coach in college due to the time demands.

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