Josh Kendall

Will Muschamp talkin’ about practice

Will Muschamp is talking about practice, and unlike former NBA star Allen Iverson, who famously ranted against the importance of practice, South Carolina’s head football coach is a big fan of practice.

“Guys, practice is important here now,” Muschamp told reporters during his regular Sunday evening teleconference. “It’s really neat.”

The answer was in response to a question about his starting lineup for this week’s game against East Carolina, which Muschamp said would be determined on the practice field.

“It’s how you practice,” he said. “I’m young, but I am old-fashioned. The really good players that I have been around, they practice really good throughout the week.

“I don’t believe in gamers. I believe in guys that prepare the right way.”

One result of this for the team’s fans is it will be hard to determine starting lineups before the game. The last time Muschamp is available to take extensive questions is Tuesday morning and there’s still a lot of practice time from that point until game day.

So the upshot of Muschamp’s philosophy from our perspective is some uncertainty during game week. The upshot of it from the players’ perspective they’ll have to prove themselves Sunday through Friday as well as on Saturdays.