Josh Kendall

USC-Georgia game brings a surprise from Las Vegas

South Carolina isn’t favored this week, but money is coming in on the Gamecocks in Las Vegas.
South Carolina isn’t favored this week, but money is coming in on the Gamecocks in Las Vegas.

David Purdum of ESPN Chalk joined us this week to talk about the South Carolina-Georgia game and tell us why this game marks a milestone for this season. We also talk about how the weather affects the over-under point totals set for these games.

The State: Where does the line for this game stand?

Purdum: Most books in Las Vegas have it down to minus-7. That’s after it opened as high as 9.5 at the Wynn. It’s been bet all the way down to 7. You might be able to find 7.5, which is a key half point there.

The State: This is the first time the public has bet on Gamecocks all season then, right?

Purdum: I believe so. It’s got to be. The early money is gravitating toward South Carolina, and I kind of like them actually. I think this is a good spot. Is Georgia going to be completely emotionally drained? A week after they get blown out (against Ole Miss) they come back home fired up to win the next game, play pretty well and still lose on a Hail Mary to Tennessee. I just wonder how much is left in the tank with them.

The State: Did the odds makers hold off on putting up over-under totals because the uncertainty about the weather?

Purdum: There would have been some up Tuesday afternoon but by Wednesday morning there was nothing up in Vegas. There were a couple books offshore that put it up in the mid-40s so I think they are expecting some sort of weather impact. The Vegas books keep a close eye on that. It’s kind of interesting because the last five games between these teams have been really high scoring. Obviously, you have new coaches but all the recent totals have been averaging in the 70s. It’s going to be down significantly because South Carolina’s offense hasn’t looked great, but with the weather on top of that, it’s going to go even lower.