Josh Kendall

Morning Meeting: Sumlin fires right back at Spurrier comment

    The South Carolina-Texas A&M game may turn out to be a really fun one if Steve Spurrier and Kevin Sumlin hang around for a while.


    The “rivalry” – which replaced South Carolina-Arkansas in the cross-divisional format – is only one game old, and Spurrier already has taken two veiled pokes at the Aggies, specifically their scheduling. His latest came on Tuesday and was rebutted almost immediately by Sumlin.


    Spurrier’s opportunity came in his regular Tuesday news conference, when a writer asked him about the SEC’s impressive offensive statistics through four weeks this season.


    “That’s all misleading,” Spurrier said. “You've got to realize that most of these teams play somebody like Lamar.”


    That’s true. A lot of SEC teams have played teams like Lamar in the early going, but only one of them has actually played Lamar, and that’s the Aggies team that beat South Carolina 52-28 on Aug. 28 in Williams-Brice Stadium.


    It took Sumlin less than two hours to respond – or at least seem to be responding – to Spurrier’s comment.

    “I keep hearing that people think we haven’t played anybody,” he said during his weekly news conference. “I think they forgot about the first week.”

    Who needs subtlety when you’ve got scoreboard, right?

    We don’t know how long Spurrier and Sumlin will be a part of his rivalry with Spurrier nearing the end of his career and Sumlin a constantly hot name in NFL coaching searches, but as long as they’re around, Gamecocks-Aggies will do just fine.

    Around the SEC:

    Mississippi State has a problem in the  middle of the offensive line now that center Dillon Day has been suspended for one game by the SEC for stomping on an LSU player during last week’s game.

    Vanderbilt quarterback Patton Robinette, who looked impressive in two drives against South Carolina may not play this week due to a concussion apparently suffered in that game. Robinette left the game in the first quarter with the Commodores leading 14-0.

    The Nick Saban-Lane Kiffin pairing is just going to be endless fun, isn’t it? "We communicate well together," Saban told "He's very respectful in terms of presenting the information that I need and when I make suggestions, he always respects them. We communicate well during the game. It's always been good is the way I would put it."

    Here’s a detailed takedown of Will Muschamp’s “coddling” of quarterback Jeff Driskel, who has basically been a disaster for the Gators this year.